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September 2014

It’s Personal

“…my God is real for I can feel him in my soul…”

Not because I was raised in a Christian household…

Not because history records Jesus and his ministry…

Not because I just want to believe…

But my God is real to me because he lives in me…

The Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the Righteous One lives in me.

This gives me encouragement to go on.


Man on a Mission


Gideon was a man on a mission. His goal: to slay the two kings of Midian.

He went to the Succoths for support. He was denied.

He then asked for help from Penuel. Again he was turned away.

It seemed that doom lurked in Gideon’s future.

But God prevailed.

Gideon was able to single-handedly destroy the kings in spite of the lack of support from those around him.

Are you going forward with a vision that The Lord has given you even though you’re being faced with naysayers along the way?

I encourage you to keep pressing on because God is the one that gives the end results. And that as long as he is on your side you’ll prevail.

Psalm 118:8

Judges 8:4-21

Make a Choice


John wrote about two men in his third epistle: Gaius and Diotrephes.

Gaius was a man that helped Christians to grow in Christ.

Diotrephes set out to promote himself, not caring what happened to the Christians around him. He even went as far as casting them out of the church.

John ends his letter on this note: follow the good example, not the bad.

Christian, be a help to those around you, not a hindrance.

3 John

Passing Over

“Let us pass over to the other side” said Jesus to the disciples.

They boarded the ship and set sail allowing The Lord to guide them.

“Let us pass over to the other side” says Jesus to you.

What is your response?

Are you reluctant to leave the darkness of the world?

Or maybe you’ve already passed from darkness to light but are hesitant to take the next step in your journey.

Please, don’t deny Jesus. Accept the guidance he has offered. Go where he leads you.

Mark 4:35



“Neither make mention of the names of their gods.” This statement came from Joshua’s final address to the Israelite people.

Pretty exclusive, huh?

How are you doing with that in this “politically correct” world?

Are you lifting up only the name of Jesus in your household? Or are you giving place to things that aren’t of God? Things that go against his word?

At first it seems unlikely that within a Christian home there would be the attempt to expose the children to sin. But how often do we hear “you need to expose your children to things of the world so they won’t go wild when they’re on their own” or “I’m going to introduce all religions to my children and give them the freedom of what religion they’d like to be part of”?

These statements may sound innocent. But that doesn’t make them of God.

Adhere to Joshua’s words of wisdom. Preach only Jesus. The “freedom of choice” will only lead to a cell of isolation from our Lord.

Joshua 23:7

Awaiting or Avoiding?


The people awaited Jesus’ return. Therefore they received him gladly when he came near.

But how about the people that weren’t waiting for him…the people that we’re trying to avoid him? I’m sure their reaction wasn’t filled with gladness. Instead they probably harbored feelings of anxiousness, nervousness or anger.

How we receive Christ’s presence in our life is a sure indicator of our relationship with him.

Are you awaiting Christ or avoiding him?

Jesus is working all things for your good. Gladly receive Jesus’ presence in your life.

Luke 8:40

Fill Your Cup Women’s Conference

fruit of spirit chalkboard (1)

This video is from the Women’s Conference that I spoke at in Pickneyville. The theme of the message is Fill Your Cup.

Still There


The children of Israel rose up from worshipping the molten calf. In the background they could see the pillar of the cloud.

Still there.

Even after their sin.

Even though the Israelites had made a wrong decision God didn’t pack up and leave them to perish in the wilderness. Instead he kept offering guidance to them. He kept providing for them.

Isn’t that comforting? God still cares.

At times you may feel that He has given up on you. That your decisions have caused him to forever put up a wall between you and him. That he couldn’t care less how you lived the rest of your life.

But that isn’t true.

God loves you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to go at this life alone because of a previously made wrong decision.

Repent and get back on the right track. He is ready to move on. Are you?

Revelation 22:17

Nehemiah 9:18-19

Formula for an Abundant Life


What’s the formula for following God’s will for your life?

Communication with Jesus: Tell Him what’s going on in your life. Praise Him. Get in His Word.

Trust in God: Know that if you’re seeking His will, He’s the one keeping your heart and mind. Recognize that He’s the one placing ideas in your head, putting desires in your heart.

Dwelling on Jesus: Focus on what you know to be true. Not the what-ifs or could-bes.

In doing these three things you are giving God free reign to direct your paths, to put you where He would have you to be.

Philippians 4:6-8

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