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September 2014

Pout or Praise


Are you allowing yourself hopelessness in place of hopefulness?

Hagar had every reason to be hopeful when she left Abraham’s camp. Not because he had provided some essentials for her but because of a conversation she had with the angel of The Lord prophesying a multitude of descendants from her seed.

But instead of focusing on God’s promises she focused on her current situation: she had little to live on, no plan and no help. She prepared herself and her son to perish.

When she should have been praising she was pouting.

God saw fit, as he always does, to keep his promises. He miraculously provided for Hagar and her son. Her eyes were opened to a well in the wilderness. Hagar and Ishmael would survive.

Hopefulness reigned in Hagar’s life again. God blessed in the way that he said he would. A nation descended from Ishmael.

Christian, don’t allow your hope in The Lord to decline when situations don’t look promising. He is always working things for your good. Praise him no matter how dire the situation seems.

Genesis 16:7-11

Genesis 21:14-21

Romans 8:28



The Holy Ghost revealed unto Simeon that he wouldn’t see death until he had seen the Lord’s Christ.

So he went about his life with purpose: he was living to see the King of Kings.

Are you living with the same intent?

Luke 2:25-30

John 17:4

Foot Race


Peter and John took off in a sprint to get to the tomb of our risen savior. They wanted to see the empty sepulcher for themselves.

And it’s recorded that John outran Peter. (To me this is comical. I can relate to Peter. I’ve never been known as a fast runner.)

But John’s arrival at the tomb first didn’t mean that Peter lost. It just tells us that he arrived later.

Which made me recall what my great-grandmother said at her son’s, my Pappaw’s funeral: “He just ran faster than me. I’ll be there soon.”

When you’re in a race to see Christ it doesn’t matter when you cross the finish line. You have won. Be grateful to be on his team.

Run the race set before you with patience.

John 20:1-4

Game Changer


Peter adamantly denied Christ. Even though he had told Jesus that he would die for him rather than to deny him. But when he was alone in the world, facing others, he turned his back against his Lord.

Not very long after Peter’s infamous denial we read of his first message given to the church through the Holy Spirit. In this case Peter boldly declared Christ before the men and women. He preached Jesus and him crucified and risen again. The boldness Peter possessed was a stark contrast to his cowardliness only months before.

The difference in Peter? The Spirit.

Peter found strength to stand for Jesus because the Spirit was comforting him, making him bold, giving him strength. He was no longer alone; Christ lived within him.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit can have that type of an effect on us too. Allow God to work through you.



At the end of King Nebuchadnezzer’s life he praised the King of heaven. Our king. He acknowledged that God was the one in control of his success.

And I wonder if he knew just how true his words were.

Roughly two decades before Nebuchadnezzar’s praise Jeremiah had prophesied that Nebuchadnezzar would have a great kingdom, blessed by God.

Jeremiah illustrated this by hiding stones in the Egyptians’ brick kiln. The stones hidden in the clay would be part of the foundation of their buildings. Wherever the stones were used Nebuchadnezzar’s royal pavilion was to spread over them.

Nebuchadnezzar was most likely unaware that this had happened, yet he benefited from it. He was literally given a foundation from God.

God has provided a foundation for you too. You might not have realized or acknowledged when he began working in your life. But he did.

Maybe it was Sunday school.

Maybe it was a Christian friend.

Or a tract you read on your own.

Jesus has been working on our success stories long before most of us realize.

Isn’t that just like the God we serve? He kept on loving us even when he wasn’t receiving anything in return.

Jesus loves you. He has provided for you. It’s because of those provisions that you stand as a child of his today.

Jeremiah 43:8-13

Holding Hands


My son and youngest daughter skipped around the table this morning holding hands.

My daughter smiled at me as she was passing by and said “I’m holding his hand so he won’t fall Momma.”

That’ll preach.

In Hebrews actually.

Paul writes that we are to exhort, to lift up, our brothers so that they won’t be hardened through sin.

Comforting them through difficult times…enjoying blessings with them during the good…being a friend that will help to keep them on the straight and narrow path instead of one that would lead them astray.

May we always be found being an encouragement to our family of God.

Hebrews 3:13

Go On


So The Lord gave me a project. And I found myself tempted to nix the whole idea because the results may not be what I would like to envision.

But I was reminded that we aren’t called to follow God’s will only when we think it will yield good results.

We are called to follow him regardless of what may be in the future.

Boldly go forth knowing that God will have his way with your obedience. As a result the outcome will be great, even if doesn’t match up with your preconceived ideas.

Mark 13:11



The little girl chucked through her birthday presents, skimming over each new item with a small smile. But she was most eager to get to the next present.

Does that sound familiar?

Sometimes we take for granted the blessings God has bestowed upon us. Instead of enjoying what we’ve been given we just search for the next one.

I encourage you to enjoy the gifts God has placed in your life today.

Outbursts of Praise

music-159868_640 (1)
Sometimes I just break into song because of how The Lord has blessed me. 🙂

I know I’m not alone. David said the exact same thing.

I’m sure there are many of you who randomly burst into song because you too are happy in The Lord. (Shout out to my mother ;)).

And for this I am thankful. Because it is good to enjoy God’s blessings. Sing it aloud. He is worthy of your praise.

Psalm 13:6

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