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Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2014

Godly Reverence


Joshua kicked his shoes off as quickly as he could. He had just been told, by an angel of The Lord, that he was on holy ground.

How do you react when you are in the presence of God?

Do you have an “it’s about time you showed up” attitude?

Or do you worship him, humbled and grateful for the experience of being acknowledged by the Creator?

Appreciate God’s presence in your life, even if you aren’t agreeable to the plan. Because God loves you enough to devote time to you and He is working it to your good.

Joshua 5:13-15

Psalm 33:8



It seems like everyone knows somebody that has an addiction.

Paul knew the house of Stephanaus.

They were addicted to the “ministry of the saints”.

They were hooked, caught up in and living for the glory of God. They were concerned with seeing others grow in Jesus.

Could you consider yourself an addict?

I Corinthians 16:15

All The Way



My two year old gets so excited when he finishes his prayer that the end is the “da” part of “ta-da”.

He might as well slide across the room and throw his hands in the air as he says it.

My six year old on the other hand says “where’s your ‘amen’?

Apparently she likes closure. Follow-through.

How many times do we get caught up in the excitement of serving The Lord but when the fanfare is over we just want to give up?

The Lord appreciates “follow-through” too. Complete the task He has given you. See it to the end. Don’t stop just because it isn’t as new and as exciting to you as it once was.

Psalm 37:5

Below the Surface


The vacationer nervously jumped into the ocean. He floated. “This is just fine for me! I’m completely content to stay above water!” he yelled back to the scuba diving instructor.

“Of course it’s nice here. But under the water…you’ll miss out on so much if you don’t get below the surface.” the instructor replied.

Is The Lord is saying the same thing to you?

Are you content just going through the motions?

If so I encourage you to move past living for The Lord only on the surface.

Rend your heart before Jesus. Allow Him into your most intimate places. Allow Him to work in your life. Truly seek His guidance. And then be prepared to experience the beauty God has in store for you.

Joel 2:13

Your History


Goliath’s sword had quite the history with David. It was the weapon used to dismember Goliath’s head from his body.

Goliath’s sword was also the weapon David used to cut a piece of clothing off of Saul while he slept in a cave.

David was able to make use of the victories God had previously given him. He was able to take from his past to help him in the present.

Have you made a habit of doing the same thing?

Bring to remembrance the times that God has provided for you. Write them down. Meditate on them.

Because going to your history with God will strengthen you as you walk in the here and now.

I Timothy 6:19

I Samuel 21:9

Building A Legacy


John 15:16

II Kings 13:20-21

A lifeless body was thrown into Elisha’s tomb. When it touched Elisha’s bones it resurrected.

God was still working through Elisha…even after his death.

Our work, our life, in Christ isn’t an “one and done” sort of thing. The works we do in Jesus’ name, the life lived for Him will have an affect on people long after we reach our eternal home.

Because death isn’t an obstacle with our Lord.

Construction Zone


I Timothy 6:19

Genesis 35:11-15

Matthew 20:20-24

Jacob set up a pillar of stone to remind himself that he spoke with God at the place. In doing so he left a perfect reminder to all that passed by of God’s presence and greatness.

James and John’s mother asked Jesus if they could be granted seats next to His in heaven. This indignant act infuriated the rest of the disciples, causing grief for her sons.

What kind of stones are you laying?

Stones that stumble? Like the stone that James and John’s mother laid for for her sons?

Or stones that can be built upon? Like Jacob left for the world to see?

Build a pathway that will only lead others to Jesus.

A Good Sequel


I Peter 2:9

John 4:39-42

The woman at the well that proclaimed “come meet Jesus, the man that told me all I ever did” continued to win people over to The Lord.

We find her later in Samaria surrounded by people converting to Christianity. People acknowledged her testimony as what sparked an interest for them in Christ.

What’s been the rest of your story?

After your born-again experience what have you done for The Lord?

Be about The Father’s business.

Live a life that makes for a good sequel.

Daily Motives


Matthew 6:33

II Chronicles 1:7-12

The Lord knows what makes each of His children happy. He knows what we will appreciate.

He knew that Solomon would appreciate riches, honor and long life. So He blessed him with those very things after Solomon sought out the desires of his heart: receiving wisdom so that he could rightly judge God’s people.

We should be living to see God glorified in our life. Our daily motive should be to make Christ known.

Our effort shouldn’t be put towards work for the temporal blessings that we would enjoy.

God will just bless us with those if He is the treasure we are seeking.

Live your life for God and He will give you a life you enjoy living.

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