My daughter announced that she was going to be the “light switch helper” at school today.

Immediately my thoughts traveled back 5 years. I remember holding her up to the light switch and allowing her to turn it on and off. She would just be so proud of herself and of her accomplishment.

“You know you started preparing for this day a long time ago.” I said, smiling in the rear view mirror. I relayed the story to them. They thought that it was hilarious and so neat. 

Then The Lord spoke to me. “Just like I’ve been preparing you.”

Nothing is by chance with our Lord. He uses even the smallest things that we may not even be able to recall to prepare us for where we are now. For who we are in Him. For where we will be one eternal day.

Keep serving Jesus faithfully. He’s in the midst of doing a great work in your life.

Matthew 25:23