Matthew 18:12

Acts 20:7-12

At times Paul’s ministry didn’t have the desired affect that he had hoped it would. Some people weren’t enthused at all by his efforts or dedication to The Lord.

Like the man, Eutychus, that fell three stories to his death because he fell asleep during one of Paul’s sermons.

That could’ve been discouraging for Paul. He could’ve quit preaching the gospel right then because “people don’t care what I have to say. I’m not reaching them.”

But instead he went on. He, through Jesus’ name, raised Eutychus back to life, ate a snack and then went right back to preaching.

The Lord is the one who calls you into ministry. He is the one to say if you should continue in it. Not the numbers, the turnouts, enthusiasm, or lack thereof.

If we base our life’s work for Jesus on how people respond we are following after man.

Glorify God in the ministry He has given you. Press on knowing that you’re accomplishing His will.

Because the one person that you’re helping was enough of a reason for Jesus to die. It should be enough for you too.