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Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2014


I remember being in elementary school the first time I heard the parable of the laborers. I looked at my aunt while the sermon was still being preached and whispered “I get why those early morning workers were mad. I’d be mad too.”

She said “Well Codi Brown!” She went on to explain what Jesus was teaching. “…You should always be happy for the people that decide to follow Jesus.”

That’s the difference between judging things spiritually and judging in the flesh.

In the flesh Christ’s teachings are foolishness. But once we’ve accepted Him as our Saviour they become words of life.

I’m so thankful for my aunt’s wisdom. But mostly I’m overjoyed that I can look and see where Jesus has made a change in me.

My perspective has changed.

Has yours?

I Corinthians 2:12-14

Matthew 20:1-16


Grace in the Wilderness


The remnant of Israel could’ve questioned why they were spared. Why they were left to live in the wilderness. They could’ve been as Elijah once was and begged for death.

But they didn’t. Instead they accepted the responsibilities The Lord had given them. They chose to move on, trusting in their God.

Have you been dealt a responsibility to carry on, to lead, to represent? Have you wrestled with the question  of “why me”, uncertainty, denial or unworthiness in your new “unknown”?

Instead of despair the Israelites found grace in the wilderness.

What will you find?

John 15:16

Jeremiah 31:1-3

Prayer for the Co-Worker


Nehemiah knew that if he were to lead the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall that things would go a lot easier if he had the help of King Artaxerxes, his employer.

Immediately he began praying for the king. He prayed that this man would have mercy upon him. That he would be acceptable to his plan.

The Lord honored Nehemiah’s prayer for King Artaxerxes.

Not only did the king grant Nehemiah the permission to go restore the walls but he also blessed him with supplies, men and his recommendation.

Pray for the people you will be dealing with. Not only does it help them but it helps you too.

Colossians 4:2

Nehemiah 1-2



My daughter announced that she was going to be the “light switch helper” at school today.

Immediately my thoughts traveled back 5 years. I remember holding her up to the light switch and allowing her to turn it on and off. She would just be so proud of herself and of her accomplishment.

“You know you started preparing for this day a long time ago.” I said, smiling in the rear view mirror. I relayed the story to them. They thought that it was hilarious and so neat. 

Then The Lord spoke to me. “Just like I’ve been preparing you.”

Nothing is by chance with our Lord. He uses even the smallest things that we may not even be able to recall to prepare us for where we are now. For who we are in Him. For where we will be one eternal day.

Keep serving Jesus faithfully. He’s in the midst of doing a great work in your life.

Matthew 25:23

Border Patrol


People work tirelessly to build walls around themselves. They don’t want anyone to get too close to them. They are fine with being secluded from others.

But are others “fine” with missing out on them?

Christians are to be known by their love.

My question is this: How is God’s love to reach another person if we aren’t willing to move outside of our self-built walls?

The Lord says He’ll be our wall of protection. He will allow His love to flow from within and keep the enemy at bay.

Trust in Jesus alone to be your border patrol.

Zechariah 2:5

Someone Will Pay



The man held his swollen arm that was seething in pain. The venomous snake slithered out the door of the house.

He stumbled to the floor. Sweat trickled down his face. Visions of outrunning the lion flashed before him.

And then the bear. He was sure to have lost his life to the bear had he not found this house. The house would provide peace for him.

Or so he thought.

The man gasped for his final breath and entered eternity.

This is the parable of the Israelites thinking they could escape judgment of their sin.

But judgment of sin can’t be evaded.

Someone is going to pay the price.

Will you accept the righteous blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

Or will you die in your sin and face the consequences on your own?

Choose Jesus.

Romans 5:9

Amos 5:19

Our God is Greater


King Nebuchadnezzar chose the strongest men within his entire army to bind Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He brought out “the big guns” to deal with these Hebrew children that took a stand for The Lord.

The mighty men were scorched. Burnt up. Were of no comparison to God’s strength and power.

Just like Nebuchadnezzar chose his strongest men to ensure death to the Hebrew children, the devil looks to use  the cruelest tactics to deter you.

But we serve a Savior that is bigger than the most well thought out scheme of Satan.

So continue on, strong in your faith. Patient in your walk. The Lord loves you and is hearing your prayers.

Micah 7:7

Daniel 3:19-22


Compartment Check


We tend to compartmentalize our lives.

Jesus, recognizing this, taught us to be aware that each area of our life is God glorifying, free of sin.

He said if one part wasn’t godly to get rid of it.

“Pluck out your eye.”

“Cut off your hand.”

Because it’s better to stand before The Lord maimed and be given eternal life rather than to stand before Him whole and be sentenced to burn in hell.

Matthew 5:29-30



Moses struggled with the decision to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. One of the reasons he was hesitant to go was because he felt like he didn’t speak eloquently enough. He feared that the people would misunderstand him. Maybe he feared that they would laugh at him.

But the decision came to this: Was he going to serve God and go or was he going to please himself, man, and stay?

Often times we allow unnecessary factors weigh into are decision making. But the answer is simple: who are you looking to please?

Moses chose to please God.

You do the same.

Exodus 4:10

Galatians 1:10

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