Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


July 2014

The Home Front


Acts 1:8

I Samuel 3:1-13

Some of Jesus’ final words before he ascended into heaven: “Go into Jerusalem, Judaea and Samaria.” Essentially what he was saying: “start at home and broaden your ministry from there.”

The prophet Eli didn’t take heed to this model. He was quick to teach the child Samuel how to follow after God. But his own sons? They turned to vile ways because he chose not to invest in their lives. Instead he left them to their own devices. As a result they died in sin.

Are you nurturing or neglecting the ones that God has given you from the beginning?

Are your children taking a backseat so that you can focus on the community’s children? Have you lost interest in your own marriage because you are so focused on making others work?

Again, please understand that I’m not saying that you should stop the ministry God gave you I am just asking that you make sure that your family is being shown the same love, attention and care that you are graciously and passionately giving to others.

Christ taught us to begin our ministries at home for a reason. Be sure to take heed to his teaching.

Hindsight is 20/20


Romans 8:28

Matthew 17:9-13

Have you ever experienced the “lump in your throat” feeling? The one where you are completely shocked or caught off guard so much that your body seems to physically react to the news you’ve just received?

I’m thinking that Peter, James and John reacted in that way when Jesus revealed to them that Elijah had already come in the form of John the Baptist.

You see they had been listening to Christ foretell his death for awhile now. Naturally they didn’t want to accept this. So they had convinced themselves it wasn’t true and were working on persuading Jesus to stop mentioning this prophecy that he spoke of.

But then their opinion changed when they descended from the mountain after the transfiguration of Christ. Now they accepted that their Jesus would be crucified, but they were determined to put it off for as long as possible.

“Well Elijah has to come first and prepare the way before you can face death…” they said to him.

“He has.” replied Jesus.

And that’s when the lump formed…when they recalled John the Baptist’s ministry…when it dawned on them that John was the Elijah that the scribes had spoken of.

Unbeknownst to them that piece of the puzzle had already been completed.

It was devastating news to the disciples. In their minds Jesus’ efficiency just meant sooner turmoil.

But it was needful to happen when it did. And Christ’s timing was perfect just as it still is today.

When we don’t realize what is going on around us remember that Jesus has it under control. He has gone before us and has already laid the groundwork to work things out for our good.

Recipe for Success


Psalm 37:3

II Chronicles 17:1-12

Jehoshaphat was a king that loved God and kept his commandments. He protected the walls of his cities with armies of men. He removed false gods from within his kingdom. He also had the book of the law of The Lord taught throughout his land.

As a result he was honored by God, respected by man and his kingdom was made to prosper.

Most of us are looking for those same results. Simply follow Jehoshaphat’s example.

Make Jesus your King. Be conscious of what you allow in your life. Remove yourself from temptations. And diligently study the Word.

With your focus on Christ and ban on Satan your life will show the same results Jehoshaphat reaped.

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