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Using the Word to Encourage Others


July 2014

Get on Board


Hebrews 11:11

Genesis 18:9-15

Sarah laughed, doubting that she would have a child because she and Abraham were both so old.

After her initial doubt she then chose to trust and believe that what the angels had spoken was true.

She believed enough to do her part. To “receive strength to conceive”. I think this scripture is telling us that Isaac wasn’t conceived as Jesus was. That his mother, Sarah had to be a willing, proactive participant in the conception of Isaac.

Sarah showed faith after her initial doubt.

God came through on His part.

Has the Spirit led you to do something seemingly impossible? Have you doubted that it will actually come to pass?

Move past the doubting and start showing your faith.

Get on board with the plans God has for you.

Two Wrongs Doesn’t Make A Right


Romans 5:9

Genesis 38:1-27

Judah, Tamar’s father-in-law, had promised his youngest son to her since her first two husbands had died.

But then his youngest reached adulthood and he didn’t follow through with his promise to Tamar.

In retaliation Tamar dressed as a harlot, seduced her father-in-law and then made herself known to him while she carried his babies in her womb.

Utter wickedness.

Her father-in-law’s reaction: “yeh, well I had it coming.”

But sin is never justifiable. Tamar was wrong for her actions. Just the same as her father-in-law was his.

Sin never cancels out other sin. It is never justifiable. It is never the right choice.

Only the blood of Jesus has the power to negate sin. Rely only on it and the guidance of the Word to resolve unsettled situations.

Who Get’s the Credit?


Psalm 18:27

Daniel 4:4-37

Where will pride get you?

In the middle of a field, roaming around with mental issues for seven years; if you’re like King Nebuchadnezzar.

You see Daniel had interpreted a dream of despair to the king. He told him that he would hit rock bottom and stay there until he realized that the magnificence of his kingdom was from God and not himself.

Eight years later King Nebuchadnezzar stood in the middle of a field, looking and acting like a wild man when he acknowledged God’s presence in his life. In his success.

After this proclamation of praise and honor to our King He was given back his kingdom.

I encourage you to learn from King Nebuchadnezzar and give God glory now so that you won’t have to be reminded that he is the one that is worthy of all your praise.

Because the proud will be humbled. And the humble will be honored.

Army of God


II Timothy 4:7

Nehemiah 4:12-23

Nehemiah led a group of workers to rebuild the walls of the city. They worked with a tool in one hand, a weapon in the other.

They did this because there were people threatening to overtake them. They realized that a battle was very likely.

But they chose not to retreat. They pressed on.

As Christians we need to realize that our adversary is looking to devour us. Within that same realization should come peace knowing that no one has the power to overcome us. There is never an acceptable reason to lay down our weapon and quit fighting the good fight. In Jesus we will always prevail.

I encourage you to be on guard. Be wary of what is taking place around you. Be vigilant. And continue to walk in victory.

Going the Opposite Direction


Colossians 3:2
Colossians 3:16-23

So often being submissive or obedient to another person is viewed as a weakness.

People that live this type of lifestyle are often perceived as spineless.

But within the most valuable relationships there is a person that must commit to following another’s lead.

“Children obey your parents…”

“Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands…”

The “submissiveness=spineless” theory is disturbing because it is contradictory to the Word.

When a person buys into that lie God’s design isn’t followed and relationships are destroyed.

When you came to Christ you had to humble yourself. God doesn’t ask us to humbly come to him so that he can make us a proud people. He asks us to come to him and then grows us in our humility, which will positively affect our relationships on earth.

This is a stark contrast to the belief system of the world.

But God’s Word is just, true and always good. It was given to us for our benefit. I pray that you live a life that follows after it. Even when it goes against what is socially accepted.

Got Grace?


Psalm 123:1-4

It has been offered to and accepted by every person that has Jesus as their personal savior.

It has been imparted upon us without any consideration of our own works.

Sadly though there are Christians that are very stingy in who they think should receive it.

These Christians gladly accept the free gift but don’t want it extended it to others.

Condemning, critiquing, scoffing and scorning seems to top their list rather than the Christ-like love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

What is it?


How can someone that has been granted grace not want it shared?

I believe it’s because they’ve become reliant on their own self-righteousness (which in essence is null and void) and have led themselves to believe that they aren’t in need of grace any longer. They have bought in to the lie that works is what has saved them and hold everyone else to the same standard.

But they are mistaken.

Without the grace of God it doesn’t matter how many commandments you keep. Your morals don’t matter. Your personal convictions will get you nowhere. Your work is fruitless in the kingdom of Heaven.

Because the most crucial and needful difference between the saved and the sinner is the acceptance of the grace of God provided by the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

Be aware of the fact that you are in need of grace just the same as anyone else and accept the truth that Christ offers it to everyone therefore you should lovingly do the same.

Speaking Heart


Luke 21:14-15

Genesis 47:8-9

Pharaoh asked Jacob, “how old are you?”

Jacob replied “I’ve been on this pilgrimage for 130 years.”

It would have been just as simple for Jacob to answer “130 years” and left it at that.

But instead intertwined into his answer was his love for God, the reason for his life. Just by using the word “pilgrimage”. That one word spoken has given us insight into Jacob’s heart.

Because of that word we know that Jacob didn’t view his earthly life as his final destination. We learn from that one word that he recognized his life as just a journey to get him to a heavenly resting place for eternity.

The word spoken gave reason for Pharaoh to inquire more about Jacob’s life. That word could have been a gateway to conversation about the God he served…an opening for Jacob to testify of The Lord’s presence in his life.

Are you living a life that oozes Christ? Does your devotion to Jesus spill over into even seemingly minuscule opportunities to make Christ known?

Your speech is very telling of your life on earth. One word can testify of your life in Jesus.

Allow The Lord to fill your mouth. Be so devoted to Christ that every word you speak is a testimony to what he has done for you.

Who You Are


II Peter 3:14

Acts 28:1-8

“He is a murderer.”

“Wait. He is a god.”

Two very different titles given to Paul within minutes of each other.

Paul’s reaction? He went on about God’s business. He didn’t allow the accusation of being a murderer keep him from preaching Jesus. Nor did he allow the statement of him being a god deter him from working miracles through Christ alone.

People will name you. They will try to figure you out. Sometimes they may be right. Sometimes they are way off. Even so we shouldn’t allow their perception of us dictate who we are or how we carry ourselves.

You are redeemed. You are a child of God. Your filthy rags have been traded in for righteousness. Live as such, regardless of others opinions.

Eye Opener


John 10:10

I Kings 17:8-24

Can you really appreciate the miracles of The Lord unless you’ve had a life and death experience?

I’m going with “no” based on the reactions of the widow of Zarephath.

Elijah had filled her barrels with meal and her cruses with oil in the middle of a drought. But that wasn’t enough to convince her that there was a God who reigned supreme.

Then her son died and was brought back to life. That was the game changer.

Death has that effect on people.

It has the ability to change a person’s opinion or perspective.

But even more so: life.

A person given a second chance at life is forever changed.

Just as this mother was.

Once she realized the resurrecting power of God she chose to acknowledge him.

Same for us. We are surrounded with blessings. God’s hand is all around us. But until we put away our flesh and become reborn into the family of Christ we don’t appreciate the blessings or miracles of God.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to acknowledge God’s mercy and provisions in your life?

Bask in his goodness.

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