Luke 7:50

Luke 7:36-38

Tears pooled in the woman’s eyes as she traveled along the streets. She knew that her life wasn’t going in the direction she had hoped. One thing had led to another and now she was caught up in a web of sin. She was lost on how to untangle herself from it.

“Jesus is at Simon’s house today.”

The woman stopped in her tracks. The name “Jesus” caught her attention. It froze her. Simon? She knew of Simon.

Minutes later the woman walked into Simon’s house. Her eyes searched the room for this Jesus. She was drawn to a man sitting in the middle of the room, his back to her. The closer she got to him the more her eyes burned with tears. As she finally reached him the tears began spilling down her cheeks. This had to be the man she was looking for. His presence was overwhelming.

She knelt in front of Him and began to wash His feet with her tears and hair. She kissed them. She anointed them with oil. In His presence she felt at peace. She felt whole. She felt forgiven.

Jesus looked at her, “thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.”

She would never be the same. The life that had previously been strangling her now only held freedom. She would walk out of Simon’s house at peace and with a purpose: to live a life that would bring glory to the man that had just given her life anew.

Jesus has given you that same newness of life. He’s taken you from the chains of sin and death and given you life and peace with the freedom to serve Him.

May we never forget our humbling experience of coming to Jesus to fulfill our need of a savior. May we always carry the peace we first felt at His feet.