Philippians 4:19

Numbers 11:4-9

The bread that came from heaven tasted so good to the Israelite people. They had felt like they were on the brink of starvation and then The Lord provided for them miraculously.

I imagine there was a lot of worshipping going on within the Israelites’ camp when they first tasted the manna.

That lasted about a year.

After days on end of miraculously receiving this food from God they tired of it. They became ungrateful. They decided they’d rather have fish, cucumbers and melons. Just like they’d had in Egypt.

Does this sound familiar?

We pray for God to bless us in our life. He does and we’re grateful for awhile. But then that doesn’t satisfy us any longer and we want what we used to have or something different altogether.

Instead of following every whim of our flesh we need to learn to be content with God’s providence.

Because he is supplying our every need according to his riches in glory.