John 10:10

I Kings 17:8-24

Can you really appreciate the miracles of The Lord unless you’ve had a life and death experience?

I’m going with “no” based on the reactions of the widow of Zarephath.

Elijah had filled her barrels with meal and her cruses with oil in the middle of a drought. But that wasn’t enough to convince her that there was a God who reigned supreme.

Then her son died and was brought back to life. That was the game changer.

Death has that effect on people.

It has the ability to change a person’s opinion or perspective.

But even more so: life.

A person given a second chance at life is forever changed.

Just as this mother was.

Once she realized the resurrecting power of God she chose to acknowledge him.

Same for us. We are surrounded with blessings. God’s hand is all around us. But until we put away our flesh and become reborn into the family of Christ we don’t appreciate the blessings or miracles of God.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to acknowledge God’s mercy and provisions in your life?

Bask in his goodness.