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June 2014

I Got Your Back


Philippians 1:3

I Kings 1:11-40

It was homecoming day at our church last Sunday. We were expecting visitors, singers from out of town, and to feed several hungry people after morning services.

So you can imagine the shock (quickly followed by appreciation) I felt when I walked into the room that had been completely prepared to feed the church. Tables and chairs had been set up all throughout. It looked like the room had been turned into a restaurant.

I had forgotten all about needing a place to put the food!! And needing a place to sit!! Those huge details had just completely slipped my mind.

But there was a family that was looking out for me. For the reputation of our church. And for their Lord.

They had taken it upon themselves to see that the tables and chairs were set up. No complaints. They just happily did it. I thanked them over and over and apologized for my blunder. They just smiled and said it wasn’t a problem for them at all.

Then The Lord showed me a story in the Word about friends looking out for friends:

Adonijah had taken over the throne of David as he neared his final days of life. Now normally this wouldn’t be anything unnatural considering the fact that Adonijah was David’s son.

The cause for concern was the fact that the throne had been promised to Solomon, David’s other son, not Adonijah.

Nathan, a prophet of God and friend of David approached him on the matter. He knew that David was unaware of what was going on because of his feebleness and being bound to bed rest. He knew also that action needed to be taken. Something needed to be done.

David graciously accepted Nathan’s account of what was going on within his kingdom. He denounced Adonijah as king and set Solomon in his place.

All was well again because a person decided to step up on their friend’s behalf.

Could you be that friend to someone? Could you help someone to see a situation more clearly? Could you do something to make life a little easier for another person?

Look out for those that God has put in your life.

Fruitful Fellowship


Acts 2:42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

June 2, 2014 We came together to study the Word of God, to share what God had done for us, eat snacks and pray.

Isn’t it great when you see how God is working in your life?

Yes, I knew that God approved of me attending a weekly bible study with a few of my sisters in Christ. But, when He showed me today how closely it followed the scripture in Acts I was astounded!

Sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves in the times when the Bible was written. But, it’s truths are just as applicable today as they were back then.

The Word is our perfect example and guide. We can and should model every part of our life after it.

Be found in the Word of God.

Passing Time


Romans 8:28

Luke 24:36-45

The disciples stood in shock and awe. In utter disbelief really. “Is this a spirit?” was the prevailing thought among them.

You can imagine the their fear. Jesus had just appeared to them after His resurrection.

His response to their reaction: “Do you guys have anything to eat?”

Now it’s funny to imagine that Christ just had a snack with a grin on His face and waited for reality to sink in to the disciples.

Then it dawned on them. “It’s really Jesus in the flesh. He’s alive and well!” These statements were made after he ate the fish and honeycomb.

Which makes a person wonder…was he really eating only to pass the time?

No, of course not.

In this case He was eating to show that He was human, raised back to life, that He wasn’t just a random spirit to be afraid of.

You see, Jesus never does things frivolously. Everything He does serves a purpose. He doesn’t just wait around.

He isn’t just sitting by idle watching your life pass you by. What you’re going through, good or bad, will be used to bring Him glory and to draw you closer to Him.

Take comfort in the fact that Jesus is always at work. Even within your life.

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