Matthew 5:14

My husband and I have practiced light management with all of our kids. If we turn off the lights; they’re asleep. It is so nice. We can change up bedtimes to our convenience. We can get them to go to bed earlier when they’re in need of some sleep. Light management is great and I highly recommend it…unless you’re planning on taking your toddler to church camp.

Then it is maddening.

My two year old couldn’t fall asleep because of the bright light in the common area of the dorm. We, and by we I mean my son, myself and every other light sleeper in the cabin were awake until 2:30 am.

That little bit of light had a huge effect on us.

But in the midst of my desperation for some sleep The Spirit encouraged me: your light is shining in a dark world; your single light is making a difference.

How amazing! Then I began to consider all of the people that I was at camp with, my church family, my family and friends that live for Jesus, Christians around the world: we are making a difference!!

At times we may get discouraged because of the condition this world is in but rejoice. You are serving the purpose you were created for. You are offering hope to a dying world. Be assured that your light is shining into the darkness and it is impacting others.

Keep shining for Jesus. Because even a single light can greatly effect those who see it.