John 6:68

I have three children. Ages 2-6. We’re preparing to go on vacation. And my husband has been out of town for the past couple of days making a living to support this brood.

It’s been hectic at our household. And great. Everyone is excited to go on our trip. My six year old has started a bracelet business, my four year old loves to sing and my son is quite the climber.

There is never a dull moment.

But I do make time for calm ones. Each day I try to purposely get into the Word. I allow myself to just get wrapped up in what The Lord has for me that day. Because his Word is powerful. His Word is calming. His Word is the source of my strength.

Without God’s Word I’d starve. I’d lose focus. I’d lose the intimate relationship I have with my Savior.

Spending time with Jesus isn’t just a suggestion The Lord gives for his own benefit. It’s for ours too. Being with Him gives us refreshment, hope and life.

Make time for Jesus in your day to day. You’ll be glad you did.