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Using the Word to Encourage Others


June 2014

Defense Mechanism


Romans 3:4

Hebrews 11:3

No one is ever too young to be taught the scripture “let God be true but every man a liar.”

Also no one is ever too old to hold onto that truth.

I was sitting in a freshman biology class hanging on to that verse a decade ago. And then again this past weekend when my husband and I were teaching the same scripture to our young children.

It’s sad that evolution is presented as truth in a learning environment. It’s even more disheartening that it’s slipped in as fact into a children’s movie.

How grateful I am though that we have the comfort, the promise, that God’s ways are concrete, are absolute and that anything that tries to dispel it can be brought under subjection with one piece of scripture.

The Word is truth above all else. It trumps your closest confidant’s personal opinion. It surpasses the most well known scientists’ discoveries. It reigns over anything contrary to it’s teachings.

Our children need to learn the wisdom of God from an early age and we need to believe it until death.

Hold onto the promises of God.

City On A Hill


Matthew 5:14

My husband and I have practiced light management with all of our kids. If we turn off the lights; they’re asleep. It is so nice. We can change up bedtimes to our convenience. We can get them to go to bed earlier when they’re in need of some sleep. Light management is great and I highly recommend it…unless you’re planning on taking your toddler to church camp.

Then it is maddening.

My two year old couldn’t fall asleep because of the bright light in the common area of the dorm. We, and by we I mean my son, myself and every other light sleeper in the cabin were awake until 2:30 am.

That little bit of light had a huge effect on us.

But in the midst of my desperation for some sleep The Spirit encouraged me: your light is shining in a dark world; your single light is making a difference.

How amazing! Then I began to consider all of the people that I was at camp with, my church family, my family and friends that live for Jesus, Christians around the world: we are making a difference!!

At times we may get discouraged because of the condition this world is in but rejoice. You are serving the purpose you were created for. You are offering hope to a dying world. Be assured that your light is shining into the darkness and it is impacting others.

Keep shining for Jesus. Because even a single light can greatly effect those who see it.

The Illustrated Word


Psalm 119:140

Luke 15: 11-24

“We’d rather be in the will of The Lord hours from family and everything we have ever known than out of His will surrounded by the ones we love and familiar with our surroundings.”

That was the answer we’d give folks when they’d ask why we’d move so far away from home. It was our mantra for packing up our family and moving a day’s trip away.

But our four year old needed more of an illustration than an explanation. So The Lord gave me the story of the prodigal son.

It went something like this: “see Punkin, the boy was living with his daddy right where God had put him but he decided that he didn’t like where God wanted him. He thought it would be better for him to be somewhere else. So he decided to leave the place God had put him. But when he got to where he thought would be the best place he realized that it was way worse there. He wasn’t happy at all. So the boy wanted to go back to the place God told him to live. He went back to his daddy and started living where God told him to. Then he was happy again because he was living where God wanted him to live.

We know that Jesus wants us living here. And even if we decided to go back to where our family is we wouldn’t be happy. Our hearts will be happiest here because this is where God wants us.”

Peace would come over that child. She’d go back to playing and laughing within seconds of hearing the story of the prodigal son.

And my heart would burst again with thankfulness for the guidance of the Spirit and for the healing balm that the Word provides.

Jesus continually offers peace and guidance to his children through his Word. Look to it for reassurance and comfort.

Word of Life


John 6:68

I have three children. Ages 2-6. We’re preparing to go on vacation. And my husband has been out of town for the past couple of days making a living to support this brood.

It’s been hectic at our household. And great. Everyone is excited to go on our trip. My six year old has started a bracelet business, my four year old loves to sing and my son is quite the climber.

There is never a dull moment.

But I do make time for calm ones. Each day I try to purposely get into the Word. I allow myself to just get wrapped up in what The Lord has for me that day. Because his Word is powerful. His Word is calming. His Word is the source of my strength.

Without God’s Word I’d starve. I’d lose focus. I’d lose the intimate relationship I have with my Savior.

Spending time with Jesus isn’t just a suggestion The Lord gives for his own benefit. It’s for ours too. Being with Him gives us refreshment, hope and life.

Make time for Jesus in your day to day. You’ll be glad you did.

A Humble Heart


James 1:17

Daniel 2:1-23

“There is not a man upon the earth that can tell you what that dream means,” said the Chaldeans.

Then in strolled Daniel with the interpretation.

Can you imagine the pride that would have tried to rule in his heart? He was the only man in the entire kingdom that could interpret the king’s dream. The only one.

But instead of glorying in himself he exalted God. He thanked God for imparting wisdom and might upon him. He blessed him. Praised him. Worshipped him.

In complete humbleness.

Daniel realized that even though he would receive glory on earth that his God in heaven was the author of this success.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God alone.

Remind yourself of that when you start getting too big for your britches.



James 2:18

Acts 9:36

If you claim Jesus as your personal savior and believe on him for forgiveness of sin and for eternal life then you are an ambassador for Christ. A representation of the great I Am. You are the light shining into this dark world.

How seriously are you taking this responsibility?

And furthermore, what are you doing to fulfill your role?

Abstaining from sin?

Attending church?

Reading your Bible?

All excellent and needful in any walk with Christ.

But are you also helping others?

In the book of Acts we read about several different people who lived their life following after Jesus. In the introductions of these people it is almost always mentioned that they helped others.

Phillip. Tabitha. Cornelius. All of these devout Christians had the introduction of ministering to the people.

Doesn’t that speak volumes?

Yes, they abstained from sin. I’m sure they gathered with other Christians to draw strength and encouragement. And surely they studied the ways of The Lord.

But their reputation was that they ministered unto others. They helped those in need.

Living a life in which you know Christ as your own is a great blessing. But living a life for Christ in a way that leads others to Him is even greater.

You’ve been blessed. Be a blessing.

To Each Their Own


James 1:17

Psalm 136:1-26

Sihon and Og. Ever heard of them?

I hadn’t. Until this morning. I was reading is Psalm all about the creation of the earth, the deliverance from Egypt and then surprisingly the defeat of Og and Sihon was squeezed into the middle of the account.

Immediately I was intrigued. What had happened here to get mentioned with the ranks of creation and parting of the Red Sea? I searched the scriptures looking for more information.

But about the only thing I could find was that God had defeated them. Plain and simple.

To us (at least to me) it isn’t as clear why those victories were important enough to be mentioned throughout the Old Testament. But to the Israelites it was obviously a point of strength.

Isn’t that like our history with Jesus?

Surely you’ve been through things that to others would seem insignificant but to you they are an aid to your faith.

I have.

Paul’s imprisonment changed my life. It was the revelation that Paul penned down the Word from prison, effecting millions, that encouraged me to look for ways to reach people from within my home.

Before The Lord had shown me Paul’s bondage from this perspective I was discouraged with thoughts of “I’m not able to do anything for The Lord because I’m not in the public.” But knowing that Paul reached others while in bondage gave me courage to seek a way to have an effect on others lives on a daily basis even though I wouldn’t actually be with them.

From the synopsis of Paul’s imprisonment this blog (my tool to encourage other Christians) was born.

Just like Og and Sihon didn’t have a large effect on me, most likely Paul’s imprisonment hasn’t had the same effect on you. Maybe it has. Regardless, his story has effected me like the stories of Og and Sihon effected the Israelites.

Jesus knows exactly how to speak to His children. He knows how to encourage us. Cling to what He has given you, no matter of what importance it is to someone else.

Ignoring Plan A


Isaiah 40:4

Genesis 20:1-11

Have you ever found yourself making decisions based on man’s probable reaction as opposed to God’s will?

Abraham did.

He and his wife, Sarah followed through with a plan to deceive Abimelech, king of Gerar because they felt that living righteously was too big of a risk.

They had determined that if the king found out that they were husband and wife that Abraham would be killed so that Sarah could become the King’s. They decided to make themselves known as siblings instead of spouses.

Their plan was concocted based on how they thought man would react without paying heed to what God had set in place.

Ultimately they chose to believe that God wasn’t in control.

But instead of the intended peace Abraham and Sarah’s plan caused discord. Tempers flared. Their scheme had backfired.

Their trust had been placed in the wrong authority. Now they would have to deal with the consequences.

Man’s opinion shouldn’t be the determining factor of our choices. God alone should be the one you are concerned with answering to.

Go forward knowing that you’re pleasing God, your maker, your king. If you look to honor God first in your life then he’ll take care of the details.



Mark 14:10-11

Convenience stores…Fast food drive-thrus…escalators eliminate the inconvenience of walking up stairs…

We live in a society where we try to make everything convenient for ourselves. So much so that having to prepare an envelope to mail out a bill becomes a hassle for some people.

So my question is: has convenience led us to become an inefficient people for Christ?

Here’s what I mean: have you denied the leading of the Holy Spirit simply because it wasn’t convenient for you to do so at the time?

Within the book of Mark the Bible speaks of a man that was concerned with convenience: Judas Iscariot.

The betrayer of Jesus. The one that the devil entered into. The man that ended up taking his own life.

I encourage you to evaluate where you stand with The Lord. Are you lacking effort in your relationship with Jesus? If so I encourage you to deny your flesh the option of convenience and get to work for your Lord.

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