Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


May 2014

His Creation


Isaiah 64:8

Psalm 139:13-17

The potter intricately designed the clay into what he would have it to be. He studied it, fashioned and made it just according to his plans.

He was happy with the results.

Just the same as God was pleased when He created you. He designed you, constructed you and then marveled at the work He had accomplished.

So why don’t we?

We were made in His image. We are referred to as “His workmanship”.

But we still find flaws. Instead of choosing to embrace the uniqueness that our Creator gave us we try to hide it, change it or become ashamed of it.

I encourage you to love yourself as God has made you. Hear the laugh that you may think too loud as a sound created just for you. See the abnormally long toe as a trait that God gave special to just your family.

God sees you as an individual. He loves everything about you, His creation. Begin viewing yourself as His artwork and the things you once thought as flaws will instead become creativeness drawn up in love.

Taking Inventory


When you take inventory of your walk with Jesus who do you look to?

Do you size yourself up against your neighbor, pastor, spouse or friend?

Or do you look to Jesus? His Word?

Comparing ourselves to others is a sure way to either

a) provide yourself an opportunity to feel defeated or

b) provide yourself with an opportunity to become proud.

Neither pride nor defeat should make up a Christian’s character.

The Word will instruct you, reassure you and even at times correct you. Look to Jesus for feedback on how you’re doing.



II Corinthians 4:2

John 4:16-18

Jesus said to the Samarian woman, ‘Go get your husband…’

‘I don’t have a husband,’ she answered.

‘True. You’ve had five though and your living with a man now.’

Jesus didn’t mind awkwardness.

(That was lighthearted. But true. And seriously we shouldn’t mind awkwardness either when it comes to standing for what we believe in.)

Back to the story…

The woman stood there dumbfounded. Here she had just tried to loophole the Messiah and He called her out on it.

We might think “what in the world? Why would she think she could trick Jesus?”

But haven’t you tried that before?

I have. I’ve tried to justify sin. I’ve tried to find a way to make it okay in my mind. I’ve tried to twist the Word to meet my needs.

But it doesn’t work that way. No one is capable of molding Jesus into what we want Him to be. Instead we need to allow ourselves to be molded into what He would have us to be.

Loopholing doesn’t help us along. Instead it is a lie that will only slow us down.

Call sin sin. And get out of it.

In Return

I John 4:19

Luke 8:1-3

Mary, Joanna, and Susanna all ministered unto Christ while He walked this earth.

So what spurred them to serve Him?

He had healed them of their infirmities and cast out the evil spirits.

Sound familiar?

Like these women we too serve Christ because He once served us.

Mary, Joanna and Susanna are remembered for honoring The Lord.

What will you be remembered for?

No Excuses

John 14:12

Acts 7:54-60

Stephen still had bite marks on his body when the mob dragged him from the city to stone him to death.

So there he stood beaten, persecuted and falsely accused. The crowd around him hated him with a vengeance.

Stephen was being martyred for Christ’s sake.

Just as Christ had given his life for Stephen.

Stones flew at Stephen. The life he knew was coming to an end. As he took his final breathes he began talking to The Lord.

The words he says are strikingly similar to Jesus’ last words on the cross.

For example, Jesus cried out to His Father “forgive them for they know not what they do”. Stephen’s plea: “Lord lay not this sin to their charge”.

In Stephen’s most trying time of his life on earth he still followed Jesus’ example.

With grace he was able to face his persecutors and death. Not because he was God in the flesh, but because he had strength from the Spirit living within him.

Sometimes I am tempted to excuse myself from doing as Christ did because “well he was God…that’s how he could handle that so well…”

But Stephen’s example, the Word, teaches that that isn’t a valid excuse.

Jesus taught us that we can do even greater things because of the Spirit living within us.

So no, we aren’t God, but His Spirit is living within us, allowing us to act as God did.

In our flesh we won’t be able to stand. But in the Spirit we won’t be able to fall.

Trust Jesus. Look to His example. Follow after Him. Even when you are facing the unbearable.

A Battery Drain


Hebrews 12:1

Acts 5:1-10

This morning my battery was being drained…literally. The location services on my phone was on and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which app was using it.

Why in the world do I need to be located?!? I know exactly where I am!!! (I apologize to all the tech savvy people out there who are appalled by my ignorance.)

After much frustration (too much really) I finally figured out to turn off my location services.

So instead of chalking that up to a wasted part of my day I asked The Lord to use it to teach me.

This is what I learned:

Just like “location services” will drain your phone’s battery life, sin will drain you spiritually speaking.

Let me explain.

Ananias and his wife, Sapphira were living for Jesus. They were “fully charged”. They had even decided to sell a possession of theirs and give it to the church. All was well until the time came to donate the money.

Instead of giving it all they decided to keep part of it. That was fine. There wasn’t anything wrong with that decision. The mistake came when they gave under the pretense that they had given it all. The had decided to submit to something that wasn’t life. Their “location service” had been turned on.

The lie they had concocted would be drain them if they didn’t repent of it….if they couldn’t figure out how to turn the “location service” off.

They chose to stay in the sin, to leave the “location service” on. And that was the death of them.

If you’re in sin I urge you to turn to Jesus to be your source of life.

May The Force Be With You


II Corinthians 3:3

Hebrews 9:16-17

“May the force be with you.”….If I’m not mistaken I think that’s a line out of a Star Wars movie.

But in Hebrews Paul talks about another force: the force of our testimony. He teaches that our testimony is of a force when we are dead to this world and alive in Jesus.

I take this to mean that our testimony isn’t just about our salvation story but it is written each day of our life that we walk with Christ.

Within the pages of the bible there are two distinct sections: the Old Testament and the New. But according to Paul in II Corinthians there is a third: your testament before men; A testament “written not with ink” but in “fleshly tables of the heart”.

So as you walk this earth alive in Jesus remember that through Christ you are powerful. You are a living testament among this dying world.

Let the power within you reach the people around you.

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