II Corinthians 4:2

John 4:16-18

Jesus said to the Samarian woman, ‘Go get your husband…’

‘I don’t have a husband,’ she answered.

‘True. You’ve had five though and your living with a man now.’

Jesus didn’t mind awkwardness.

(That was lighthearted. But true. And seriously we shouldn’t mind awkwardness either when it comes to standing for what we believe in.)

Back to the story…

The woman stood there dumbfounded. Here she had just tried to loophole the Messiah and He called her out on it.

We might think “what in the world? Why would she think she could trick Jesus?”

But haven’t you tried that before?

I have. I’ve tried to justify sin. I’ve tried to find a way to make it okay in my mind. I’ve tried to twist the Word to meet my needs.

But it doesn’t work that way. No one is capable of molding Jesus into what we want Him to be. Instead we need to allow ourselves to be molded into what He would have us to be.

Loopholing doesn’t help us along. Instead it is a lie that will only slow us down.

Call sin sin. And get out of it.