II Corinthians 3:3

Hebrews 9:16-17

“May the force be with you.”….If I’m not mistaken I think that’s a line out of a Star Wars movie.

But in Hebrews Paul talks about another force: the force of our testimony. He teaches that our testimony is of a force when we are dead to this world and alive in Jesus.

I take this to mean that our testimony isn’t just about our salvation story but it is written each day of our life that we walk with Christ.

Within the pages of the bible there are two distinct sections: the Old Testament and the New. But according to Paul in II Corinthians there is a third: your testament before men; A testament “written not with ink” but in “fleshly tables of the heart”.

So as you walk this earth alive in Jesus remember that through Christ you are powerful. You are a living testament among this dying world.

Let the power within you reach the people around you.