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May 2014

Are You A Student?


II Timothy 2:15

After nine months of study my daughter is graduating from kindergarten. She is going to wear the miniature version of a cap and gown and proudly walk across the stage. My husband, our little girl, baby boy and I will sit in the audience beaming with pride, I’m sure.

Just like my aunt and her husband felt when Ian, my cousin, received his J.D. from a leading law school in the nation. He had put in years of hard work and was rewarded with top honors in his graduating class.

Most likely The Lord is sitting on His heavenly throne pleased with their accomplishments too.

Undoubtedly though He takes pleasure in His children when they become students of His teachings.

Paul writes Timothy that to become a workman that is approved before God a person needs to rightly discern the scriptures. He says that this is possible through study.

So, study the scriptures. Ask the Teacher to learn you in all areas of His doctrine. Grow in knowledge. Be a student of Jesus.

Because even more satisfying than holding a diploma of worldly value is knowing that your Heavenly Father approves of the ever learning student you are in Him.

What’s In A Name?

Acts 11:26

I was in the sixth grade on a field trip with my school. A few of us went to a booth to have someone tell us what the meaning of our names were.

Mine? Sofa. Couch. Cushion.

Are you kidding me?!?!

Whose name means couch? I was so embarrassed. I was mortified really. At age 12 that’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

(Since then I just tell people that my name means soft hearted. 😉)

Thankfully the meaning of my given name doesn’t have any influence on me.

But I do carry a name that should dictate my every move.


That name identifies me as a follower of Christ. But do I live up to its meaning? Can people watch what I do, listen to what I say and peg me for a Christian?

How about you? Will people scoff when you refer to yourself as a Christian? Or will they agree?

As followers of Christ we are representing a mighty God, an amazing savior. We need to be conscience of the fact that our name just doesn’t sound pretty but that it actually means something. We shouldn’t take that lightly.

If you’re referring to yourself as a Christian then I ask you to live like He did. Make choices that reflect His word. Handle situations as He would. And if you’re clueless as to how Jesus would respond to something pray. Get in the word. He’ll guide you. He wants nothing more than for you to follow after Him.



Isaiah 60:1

Mark 14:66-72

Peter watched the woman walk out of sight as the past few hours came screeching back to his memory.

“I don’t know him.”

“I don’t know him.”

“I don’t know him!!”

Three times Peter denied Christ.

Now he stood alone, ashamed and heartbroken. He had just denied the very man he said he would never turn against. He had just professed his love for Jesus only days before. And now this?

Peter broke down in tears. Sobs shook him to the very core of his being. Thoughts whirled around his head. What kind of friend am I?!? What type of person have I become?!? I am so weak! I’m pitiful! I’ve failed miserably!!

Surely the self destructing torment carried on for hours, if not days.

But then Peter came to himself. He remembered that the God he served, this man called Jesus, was a forgiving man. He was gentle. Full of love.

Peter stopped the tirade warring within and took his place again as a follower of Jesus. He didn’t allow his mistake keep him from Christ.

But how did Christ handle Peter’s denial? What became of his relationship with Peter?

He forgave him. He loved him. He even used him to pen down part of the New Testament.

The light of Jesus was within Peter. His past mistakes didn’t affect His future with Jesus because he was forgiven. And Christ used him, the willing vessel.

We are all capable of making bad decisions. Occasionally we choose our fleshly desires over the Spirit’s guidance. Some of us may get to the point where we feel ashamed for the witness we’ve given, the defeat we’ve experienced, the guilt of not doing right. But you don’t have to stay in that place of darkness. Reach out to Jesus for forgiveness and then let it go. Forgive yourself. Move forward.

The light of Christ is within you. Let it shine. Get back to your Father’s business. His glory is upon you.

Best Friends


Matthew 3:1

John 15:13-15

How are you known among men?

John, Jesus’ cousin was known as John the Baptist.

My husband is known as Trae the Preacher.

My sister can be referred to as Cassi the Teacher.

Why? Because that’s what they do for Jesus, or in John’s case, did for Jesus.

What is the title that describes what you do for Christ?

Jenni the Singer.

Pam the Music Director.

Maybe you are Ann the Lady with a Smile on Her Face Who Pushes the Second Walmart Buggy to the Vehicle for a Worn Out Mom of Three.

(Thank you to the several “Ann’s” out there. You were Jesus in disguise to me. :))

But the greatest title that any of us can have: Friend of God.

Because you are for Him. You do as He has commanded.

But not just that. Because the friendship began when Jesus died for you. He loved you so much that He laid down His life for you, His friend.

What a blessed friendship to take part in.

…Codi the Friend of God.

The Weekend Warrior


Romans 8:28

John 5:14-17

It seems like the majority of the workforce is just looking forward to their weekend. Waiting on that day off.

Let me quote Jesus: “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

So what prompted that statement?

The Jews persecuted Jesus. They wanted to slay him. All because He had healed a man on the Sabbath day.

His response in short “I don’t take days off.”

Isn’t that a comfort? The God we serve is ever watchful over His children leading and guiding them no matter what hour or what day it is.

So trust, even though it might seem as if God has taken a vacation concerning your situation, He hasn’t. He’s working it all out to your good.

Burnt Out


John 15:4

Acts 19:17-20

The crowd stood in awe at the bonfire before them. Fifty thousand pieces of silver worth shot up in flames.


The scorched items were once sorcerers books. The information, practices and beliefs went directly against what Paul had just taught them. They were the opposite of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the men, after accepting Jesus as their personal savior, took the books and burnt them. They wanted no evidence of the past in their future. They wanted no temptation as they moved forward.

Are you that devout? Are you willing to destroy any object that might stand in the way of serving Christ?

Jesus loved you so much that he had himself crucified. The only way that he could be that perfect sinless sacrifice was to deny himself.

I encourage you to give up whatever it is that stands between you and a closer walk with our Lord.

Serve Jesus wholeheartedly.

Keep Engaged


Job 32:8

John 21:15-17

Acts 10:9-16

Sometimes I feel like I just don’t get what The Lord is trying to teach me.

It’s discouraging and I feel like if I don’t figure it out quick enough then The Lord will just throw up His hands in frustration and move on.

So I was very encouraged while studying my bible this morning. Because even though I knew God doesn’t just dismiss His children in frustration He gave me an example.


Three times Jesus asked Peter “Peter do you love me?”.

Three times Jesus had to say to Peter “feed my sheep.”

Jesus also gave Peter a vision concerning what once was unclean meat.

Three times God had to tell Peter that it was now okay to eat what was once unclean.

Three times.

The Lord kept speaking to Peter until he got it.

Peter just stayed engaged. He kept communicating with The Lord until it finally dawned on him what was being said.

Our God. The creator of each and every human that has ever walked His beautiful earth cares enough about us to patiently teach us. He doesn’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on Him. Be still and know that He is God.

Our Father’s Business


3 John 4

Luke 2:43-49

“Jesus!! Jesus!!! Has anybody seen Jesus??”

Mary, Jesus’ mother was in a panic. Apparently she had lost God’s only begotten Son.


Three days of backtracking led her to the temple where her twelve year old son sat, teaching scholars the Word of God.

“Where in the world have you been? Your father and I have been a total wreck!!”

“Don’t you know that I have to be about my Father’s business?” Jesus replied.

The memory faded as she watched her son being immersed into the water.

Again she realized that this was his Father’s business.

Tears streamed down her face as she heard the voice from heaven say, “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Her child was pleasing to her God, his Father.

And that’s the greatest gift a parent can have. To know that their children walk in the truth, pleasing unto the One True God.

That’s what God desires of us too. A heart that is focused on the upbuilding of His kingdom.

Walk in the truth. Be about Jesus’ business.

Keep Seeking Jesus


Isaiah 55:6

Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus stood ready to watch the battle unfold. He could hear the eery quietness all around him. Then he watched as the group of soldiers began to march around the walls. Today was the seventh day. The men kept marching. Bartimaeus anticipated what was about to happen. He heard the blasts of the trumpet and then saw the walls come crashing down around him.

Then he was jerked back to reality. Those walls had long since been torn down. He carefully lowered himself back to where he had been sitting. The same place that he had occupied for a long time: it was here, on this road leading out of Jericho that Bartimaeus made his living.

The noise around became a louder than normal buzz. Commotion was picking up. Something was different. Bartimaeus was sure of it. Then he understood why: Jesus.

People all around were vying for a spot close enough to hear what this man had to say. This man who had performed miracles was coming his way.

“Thou Son of David!!!!” Bartimaeus yelled above the crowd.

“Jesus!!!!!! Have mercy on me!!!!”

Bartimaeus was pleading, begging for the Master’s touch.

He was blind. And he wanted nothing more than to see.

“Hush. Jesus doesn’t need to deal with you!!

Don’t bother him!

Be quiet!!!” The jeers were coming from every direction. Bartimaeus didn’t stand a chance.

Except Jesus heard his call. He stood still. And called for Bartimaeus to come to him.

Jesus gave him his sight. And in that moment his life had been forever changed.

And so was yours. The moment you chose to walk in the light with your Lord you’ve never been the same.

Keep calling out to Him. Keep listening for Him to speak to you. Don’t allow the crowds deter you. Keep seeking Jesus.

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