Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


April 2014



I Peter 5:8

Matthew 21:9

Mark 15:14

The same crowd that cried “Hosanna! Hosanna!” chanted “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” only days later.

Their allegiance shifted dramatically in a short period of time.

Are you on a roller coaster ride with Jesus?

The decisions you make, the thoughts you entertain, the goals you have in mind will be all over the map if they aren’t founded in The Lord.

Jesus isn’t inconsistent. We shouldn’t be either.

Allow Him to fill your heart, mind and soul and walk you down the path of righteousness to an eternal home spent with Him.

Support Group


I Thessalonians 5:11

John 19:25

Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary, Jesus’ aunt and Mary Magdalene stood by as Jesus was crucified on the cross.

I imagine that they stood huddled together, depending on one another for strength to even stand as they watched the one they loved walk up the hill to His death.

They were facing the hardest time that they would ever face.

They weren’t capable of changing the situation.

They had no control over what was happening before their very eyes.

But they had each other to mourn with, to lean upon, to face life’s toughest situation.

We Christians, as part of God’s family, have each other. Along with this title comes the responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We all face tough times. Look to make yourself available to a person in need.

The support you offer can make an unbearable situation bearable.


Waiting Out The Storm


Mark 4:39

“Peace, be still.” And the winds and the waters obeyed. The storm ceased. The sea calmed.

That’s the God we serve. He is control of the elements.

Trust Jesus when you’re facing tough times. He knows exactly what you’re going through. At any time He can say “peace, be still.” But until He does, ride out the storm with Him.


Going Forward

Luke 9:62

Genesis 19:23-26

Lot, his wife and their two daughters were saved from the destruction of the city in which they had lived. The Lord sent an angel to lead them out. The angel gave one commandment: don’t look back.

Lot and his daughters listened. His wife didn’t. As a result she was turned to a pillar of salt.

I’m sure that The Lord has delivered you from something terrible in your life. Then He most likely told you not to look back.

But have you? Have you longed for the routine you once new just because it was predictable? Are you too scared to move forward because of the unknown?

God wouldn’t bring you out of it if He didn’t have something better in store. Trust His wisdom. Embrace the new situations you find yourself in. Keep going forward. Don’t look back.



Decision Vision


Deuteronomy 32:29

I Chronicles 27:23

David said he wouldn’t take those twenty years old and younger because The Lord had promised to increase Israel as the stars of heaven.

David made his decision based on the promises of The Lord. He took God’s word into consideration.

Do you consult Jesus when making decisions?

Take His promises into account. It may make your decisions easier to make.


Instant Gratification


Psalm 27:14

Instant video streaming. Same day delivery. Even instant mashed potatoes.

As a culture we have become used to the idea of instant gratification.

So much so that it may be affecting our walk with The Lord.

We feel forgotten or put off, maybe even unimportant when God doesn’t instantly answer our prayers.

But our sense of urgency shouldn’t dictate our relationship with Jesus.

The bible very clearly states that we should “wait on The Lord.” And to “be of good courage”.

The God we serve doesn’t operate on this world’s time table. So don’t be discouraged if you are taught a little bit about patience while waiting to hear from our sovereign God.


Feelings or Fire?


I Corinthians 3:9-15

Sometimes we become discouraged because in our minds we aren’t living up to standards we’ve set for ourselves.

When these tough times come we need a reference point. We need a guide to determine if we really are coming up short or if our imaginations are just running wild.

God has provided us a tool. It’s called the fire test.

Are the works you doing fireproof? In other words, is what you’re doing glorifying God and being built upon the foundation that has already been laid?

Our works come in many different forms, some we may prefer more than others, which could lead to an array of feelings. But don’t be fooled into thinking that your feelings are indicators of your success. After all, we are still humans living with fleshly emotions.

Fire is the measuring stick. If it’ll pass through the fire, then take comfort that you’re doing God’s will and that Jesus is being lifted up. You are on the right path.

Feelings or fire? How are you judging yourself?

Base your decisions on the word.


Visible Respect


Hebrews 12:28

Do you stand when the word of The Lord is being read?

As soon as Ezra opened the book the people stood.

Do you bow before The Lord when you pray?

Abraham’s servant bowed his head and worshipped The Lord when he found Rebekah for Isaac.

Jesus took it a step further and fell on his face when he spoke with his Heavenly Father.

Of course our positions don’t affect God. But they do affect us.

His Word will still go out powerful regardless if we are standing or sitting. Our prayers aren’t answered only if our heads are bowed.

But those reverent acts put us in a frame of mind which reminds us that we are hearing from or speaking with the Creator of the Universe, the Saviour of the World.

Take the opportunity to show respect to your Jesus. He is worthy of it.


Shepherds of the Flock


Hebrews 13:17

Being in church with fellow believers is critical. The time together strengthens the body of Christ. Ideally the church becomes more successful in spreading the gospel and reaching those in need.

And all of this happens best when there is an underlying respect for the pastor put in place.

The pastor has the responsibility of presenting the gospel to the people. He gives an account to God on how he delivers the good news.

As part of the congregation we should be respectful of his authority. If we truly believe that God has joined each pastor and congregation together then we should do our best to grow in Jesus as one.

Leave the backbiting and criticism behind. Lift one another up. In doing so Christ will be exalted and souls will be saved.


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