John 6:63

Matthew 9:18-19 & 23-25

The father approached Jesus. His daughter laid in her bed, seemingly dead to all of those around her. Only one thing could bring her back to life: Jesus.

Jesus went to her and she rose up again.

Do you feel like your dead on your feet?

Like the hope you once lived for isn’t worth much to you at all anymore?

Are you in need of a spiritual resuscitation?

If so I have a a suggestion for you: Jesus; The Word made flesh.

Jesus speaks of The Word being “spirit and life”.

So by contrast to not have The Word is death.

If you’re in need of spiritual CPR read your bible. Study it. Listen to music that is based upon it. Meditate upon it. Apply it’s truths to your life. And then be prepared for the feelings of life to resurface again.