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Using the Word to Encourage Others


March 2014

Moving Right Along

John 3:30

I Chronicles 28:1-20

David had a desire to build a temple for The Lord. But The Lord wouldn’t allow it. The Lord wanted Solomon, David’s son, to build it instead.

David could’ve gotten mad and tried to build it anyway. He could’ve thrown the blueprints away. But instead he blessed Solomon as he gave him the charge to build the temple.

Sometimes we want so badly to serve The Lord in a certain way. Maybe we wish we could play an instrument, or have a great talent for speaking in front of others. The list of things that we may want to do varies.

But at the top of every Christians’ list should be the desire to see God glorified…even if it’s not in the way they had envisioned.

Our desires will become reality if they’re ordained by God. But if we realize that they aren’t then we need to graciously move on to what The Lord has for us.

All Is Not Lost

Romans 8:28

Jonah 1:1-16

Have you ever experienced the sickening feeling when you realize that you’ve messed up big…and that you’re not the only one being effected by your decisions?

I’m sure Jonah was sick to his stomach when he woke up on a ship being tossed all over the sea in the midst of a tempestuous storm.

Immediately he knew that he was the cause of the storm. He knew that he and the others aboard the ship were experiencing the consequences of his choice to run from the calling of God.

Every man on that ship was being adversely effected.

But God was able to turn even this situation to good.

Previous to the terrible storm the men on the ship all served different gods. They didn’t serve Our Lord. But when they saw the power that He had over nature they bowed to The One True God.

God used Jonah’s mistake as an opportunity to draw these men to Him.

I’m not suggesting that you choose to disobey God’s will in your life because it will work out fine. But I am wanting to encourage you if you’re experiencing regret over a decision you have made. All is not lost. God can use it for good.

Repent and then start moving forward. Not only will God not hold it against you but He’ll make good to come from it.

Choosing Sides

Luke 14:26

I Kings 15:11-13

Asa removed the idols that the previous kings had made. He removed the queen from her throne because she too had created an idol to worship. Then he destroyed her idol.

The previous king was his father. The queen he denounced was his mother.

Asa’s decision was to do right in the eyes of The Lord. Even when this meant going against his mother and father.

Sometimes in our walk with Christ we have to choose who we are going to side with. At times the decision can be easy but when we have to take a stand contrary to the people that mean the most to us it can be very difficult.

But I encourage you to side with Jesus no matter who is going against you.

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