Psalm 18:3
I Kings 18:21-40

Elijah set up a contest: Whose God Will Accept the Offering?:The Prophets of Baal and Baal versus Elijah and The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

Whosever God would consume the sacrifice with fire was the God to be served.

The prophets of Baal made an altar and laid their bullock upon it. They began to pray to Baal. Nothing happened. They leaped on the altar begging for Baal to answer. Nothing. They started cutting themselves, pleading for Baal to acknowledge them. Still yet, no response.

Elijah steps up to the altar for The Lord. And for dramatic effect he douses it, the trench around it and the sacrifice with water. Then he calls upon Our Lord. Immediately God responds. He consumes the sacrifice and licks up the water from the trench.

Our God is clutch.

You can trust Him even in the most intense situations.