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Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2014

Love The Word

Psalm 119:127

Psalm 119:97-104

Do you have a love for the Word of God?

Do you lean upon it for strength? Do you crave it? Does it mean more to you than earthly treasures?

The psalmist was consumed by the word. He meditated upon it. He followed it’s precepts. He recognized it as the source of his wisdom.

He realized that staying within the judgment of The Lord was the best thing for him. Therefore he hated false ways and abstained from evil.

So if you’re lacking in love for the Word I encourage you to live it. Choose it’s righteous ways over evil. Think upon it and it’s truth. Apply it’s wisdom to your life.

When you put forth effort to live by the Word then there will be nothing else that can satisfy your soul. Because the love you find in the Word will spur a love for the Word.


Psalm 119:164

God created the beautiful earth that we live in. He sent His only begotten Son to die for us. He gave us the Word. He is true and just. He fulfills all of our needs.

We have so much to thank Him for.

So how many times a day do you praise Him?

The Psalmist says that he praised Him seven times a day for His righteous judgments.

Do you hit that mark? Throughout your entire day can you point to seven different times when you pause to praise The Lord?

It was good for the psalmist. It would be good for us.

Praise Jesus. He is worthy.

Miraculous Meetings

Romans 8:28

Genesis 37:12-17

Joseph departed from Hebron and headed to Shechem. He was going to check on his brothers and the family’s livestock.

Along the way he met a man wandering in the field. The man asked Joseph what he was looking for. Joseph explained to him the situation. The man told Joseph that his brethren and their livestock were in Dothan.

Joseph continued his travels and met up with his family in Dothan, in accordance to the guidance of the stranger.

How interesting that God put a random person in Joseph’s life to help guide him!

Some people in your life have been strategically placed by God himself to encourage you in your walk, to keep you accountable, or even in the long term as part of a Godly friendship.

Don’t take for granted those people. Be willing to hear, wisely discern and learn from their triumphs and failures.

A Mighty Minority

Luke 8:16-17

II Chronicles 29: 3-36

King Hezekiah called upon the priests and the Levites to clean up the house of The Lord, a large endeavor. But they came willingly. And they accomplished it…even though they were just two groups of people…even though they had to share responsibility to see that things got done. They worked together to make sure that God was honored and that He was glorified in spite of the few in number.

Maybe, as a Christian, you’re part of the minority in your workplace….and maybe you doubt that there is anyway that you’re light is shining bright into the darkness around you. Maybe you look at your church attendance and think that there isn’t enough people to really make a difference in the community you serve.

Instead of focusing on the people you don’t see around you focus on the ones that you do. People, no matter how few or how many, that are willing to serve The Lord together can accomplish mighty things in Jesus’ name.

Don’t limit God to a number. Work with who He has given you. He’ll bless your efforts.


Deuteronomy 27:14-15

Moses told the people that the Levites were going to give the consequences of the law if broken.

He also told them that they were to give a response: “…and all the people shall answer and say amen.”

Having the people respond accomplished two things:

1) it caused them to pay attention to what was being said.

2) it took away the opportunity to say that they were ignorant to the law.

God is looking for us to respond to His Word. He is looking for us to put effort into listening to what He has to say. He wants us to focus on Him so that we won’t naively be led astray.

He wants a response of “amen”….”I’ll do it, Lord”….”I accept and will abide by your Word.”

What kind of response do you give Him? Is it one of affirmation or is it nonchalant and uncaring?

Choose to respond in a way that will draw you closer to Jesus and bring glory to God.

Use It

What is the purpose of the Word?

John 20:31 To guide you to Jesus so that you can have eternal life.

Luke 1:4 To give you a reference point so that you can verify that what you have been taught is true.

Romans 15:4 To give us hope and patience, and to learn how Jesus moves.

Are you using the Word in your life?

Do you believe that Jesus came and gave himself as a sacrifice for your sins? Do you believe that through Him and Him alone you have salvation and eternal life?

Do you know that your belief system is based upon the scriptures and not traditions passed down?

Do you take comfort in how God has worked in the lives of others? Does it strengthen your faith and expand your patience? Do you learn from it?

The Lord has given us His word to build our lives upon…to turn to in all situations….to grow in Him.

Use it.

All Inclusive

I Peter 5:6

I Corinthians 10:33

Why do you live the way you do?

Is it for self-promotion?

Or is it to lead others to Christ?

Paul said that he didn’t seek his own profit, but the profit of many that they might be saved.

At first you may think “poor Paul he gave his life for others” or “Jesus wants me to enjoy this life too”.

But in living this type of sacrificial lifestyle “others” aren’t the only ones to benefit. Because when we, just as Paul did, humbly set out to bless others we in turn become one of the blessed.

Be a blessing. Get a blessing.

Seeing the Chameleon

Matthew 7:7

Exodus 2:1-10

Bulrushes, slime and pitch.

Those aren’t the components that you would likely think are needed to make a life saving device.

But those are the exact things that were available to Moses’ mother so that’s what she used to make the ark that Moses’ floated in.

Sometimes we get bogged down thinking “if only I had this then I would be better off”.

Look around. Because if God has called you to do it then He’s provided you with the necessary resources you need to be successful.

You may have to get creative like Moses’ momma did and you’ll definitely have to trust that Jesus can bless it. But by having the desire to succeed, the willingness to work for it and faith in God you will be successful.

So stop wishful thinking, take what The Lord has given you and get to work.

Root of Your Rulings

Matthew 10:28

II Chronicles 19:4-9

Jehoshaphat set up rulers to judge throughout all of Judah.

His advice: judge not for man, but for The Lord because He is with you. Fear Him alone with a perfect heart.

Just as this was difficult for these rulers it can be hard for us today.

But just as sure as The Lord was with the rulers of old He is with us too.

Abide by the rulings based on the teachings of the Bible, not the popular view of man.

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