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Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2014

Not An Outcast

Hebrews 13:6

Psalm 31:11

Have you ever been that person? The one in which nobody, not your friends, acquaintances, let alone enemies, want anything to do with you? The person that if they saw you they’d go the opposite direction?

That’s hard.

Maybe you’ve done something to deserve that type of reaction. Maybe you haven’t. But regardless Jesus is standing there waiting on you to come to Him, arms wide open.

Run to Jesus.Seek forgiveness, if needed. Get shelter, if that’s what you want. He is there and He will gladly welcome you, no matter what the circumstances are.

Popular Opinion: Not Necessary

Galatians 1:15-16

Paul began preaching as soon as he was certain that that was the will of God for his life.

It is interesting that he also pointed out that he didn’t go to others to gather their opinion on this calling from Christ.

Perhaps it was because he knew that their opinions shouldn’t sway his decision.

I encourage you to go forth with what The Lord has laid on your heart. Don’t look to others for confirmation. Also, don’t look to others hoping for discouragement.

Just trust Jesus’ guiding and boldly go on.

A Blessed Vision

Psalm 5:11

Numbers 24:1-9

Have you ever just paused and looked around at all The Lord has done in your life? Have you ever just taken a moment to ask The Lord to give you spiritual vision so that you can see how He has worked?

What a blessing it is to just look, through spiritual eyes, at God’s presence in your life.

Balaam, a prophet of our Lord received that type of spiritual vision as he overlooked the tents of Israel. He was reminded of all that God had done for them. He drew strength from that. And then he was encouraged by all that God would continue to do for them.

Just step back and ask The Lord to open your eyes to the blessings all around you. And then praise Jesus for it.

Over and Over

Philippians 3:1

Do you feel like sometimes you are just listening to a broken record when it comes to the Word of God?

Over and over we are told to abstain from sin. We read about the just judgment of God from the Old Testament to the New. The bible is full of examples of God’s love. Again and again we are told how to live, given examples of those that went on before.The Word is repetitive. Nothing has changed in it nor will it ever.

But it’s design is beneficial to us! As humans we need to be reminded….we need to be told repeatedly how to live. The bible and it’s repetitiveness is for our profit. It’s for our well being.

So don’t become weary of the same message, embrace it. Apply it to your life and return to it for strength. It will never fail you.

A Junior Holy Spirit

John 3:16

Mark 10:13-16

Children swarmed around Jesus. They had been brought to Him just to receive His touch.

The disciples rebuked them.

Apparently they thought that the children weren’t capable of appreciating Jesus…maybe they thought that Jesus’ time could be better spent elsewhere…or perhaps they just didn’t like the thought of being recognized as followers of Jesus alongside a group of children.

Have you become as one of those disciples?

Do you catch yourself trying to decide who would be a good follower of Christ? Do you have the tendency to try to “screen” someone before you determine if they’re worth your time or prayers? Have you ever stopped yourself from sharing the Gospel because you didn’t want to risk being seen with that type of person?

Let me remind you that it isn’t your duty to determine who is fit for the kingdom of Heaven. It’s only your responsibility to share the Gospel, regardless of your opinion.

Share Jesus without discretion because He died for everyone.

Don’t Write It Off

Romans 8:28

John 1:43-49

Maybe you’ve given up hope. Maybe you’ve already decided that the situation or perhaps even a relationship is too far gone for any amount of restoration.

Nathanael had done that very thing. He had already determined within himself and boldly declared to Philip that nothing good could ever come from Nazareth.

Then Philip introduced him to Jesus, a Nazarene, and his opinion was forever changed.

Good had come from somewhere he had never expected.

Don’t give up hope. Keep trusting in Jesus. He’ll work good in your situation.

Use Your Sword

Ephesians 6:17

Matthew 4:1-11

Scripture. That’s all Jesus needed and it was all He used to withstand the temptations of the devil.

He didn’t discuss any topic the devil threw at Him. He just confidently spoke The Word and the discussion was over.

No rebuttal was even given.

Allow The Word to be your weapon. Without it you’ll face defeat but with it victory is yours.

The Great Counsellor

Isaiah 9:6

Deuteronomy 30:1-20

Where do you turn for counsel?

Do you turn to your friends? TV shows? Public opinion?

How about the Word?

It’s available and applicable. It only guides into righteousness. It’s yours for the taking.

Let the Word be your counsellor.

Snapshot Of Our Life

Psalm 40:2

Jeremiah 52:31-34

Jehoiachin, the King of Judah was put into the pit of a Babylonian prison. For four years he lived in captivity. Jehoiachin ate the same as the others. He wore the same prisoner garb. He was treated as if he weren’t a former king.

Then he found favor with the new Babylonian King.

Jehoiachin was promoted from the bonds that he was under. He was given a new change of clothes. He was seated at the King’s table for the rest of his life. Again he became royalty.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture? Someone taken from captivity and given a new life to live as royalty.

It’s the picture of us.

Regardless of what our earthly title or occupation was we were once bound by the chains of sin in need of redemption. Then Jesus came and called us out. He changed us. He made us royalty; heirs to His throne. And from now to eternity we can feast daily on the Bread of Life and drink of the Living Water.

You’ve been called out. Enjoy the freedom you’ve been given.

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