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January 2014

No Substitute

Galatians 6:3

Matthew 27:20-26

Pilate made a show of washing his hands in a bowl of water. While doing this he was proclaiming that he wouldn’t be held accountable for Jesus’ crucifixion.

He was self-deceived.

There is only one cleanser for sin: Jesus’ blood.

The cleansing of Pilate’s hands held the attention of hundreds of people. He had put on a good show. But he hadn’t gone to the Living Water.

Doing good deeds, being a moral person, and trying to right your own wrongs won’t cut it. Validating yourself and your actions won’t get you anywhere.

Because there isn’t any substitute for the blood of Jesus.

Be conscious of how you handle your sin.

Redeeming the Time

Ephesians 5:16

Matthew 25:1-13

The ten women all slept sound. They had had a busy day. Amongst the day’s activities five of the women prepared their lamps with oil. The other five, whether too busy, unconcerned or skeptical allowed only the other things of their day take priority….filling their lamps didn’t make the to-do list.

At midnight the bridegroom came for the women. Only five were prepared to go. The other five would have to suffer the consequences of being rejected.

A few things to notice:

•All of the women were given the same opportunity to prepare for the bridegroom’s coming.

•Each women had to make her own choice. Oil for one wouldn’t be enough to cover all ten.

•The bridegroom came when they least expected him.

So I encourage you:

•Prepare yourself for Jesus’ return.

•Choose Jesus even if there are people who don’t.

•Jesus is coming back.

Don’t allow preparation for eternity be put on the back burner.

Redeem the time.

Mundane Marvels

II Corinthians 4:18

Matthew 13:34-35

Gardening, fishing, friendship, citizenship, farming, celebrations, weddings, family, architecture, baking, sewing…Some of these are hobbies. Some of them are careers. Others are relationships. All of them are experienced daily by millions of people. They are your everyday mundane type of things.

They are also the basis of parables that Jesus uses to teach his people.

Our savior wants us to be so focused on Him that He chose to teach on the things we do. He knew that in doing this that we would be reminded of Him. He knew that we would grasp the concept if we understood the subject.

Jesus wants us to gain the knowledge He is teaching so that we can apply their realities to our life.

Pray that your eyes will be open to the teachings of Christ all around you. And then allow the Spirit to deal with your heart. You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

Guard Your Ground

II Thessalonians 2:15

I Kings 20:1-21

The king of Syria got message to Ahab, king of Israel, that he would be coming to take all of his silver and gold and wives and children.

Ahab didn’t protest.

Then the king of Syria said that when he came he would also go throughout Ahab’s servants’ houses and take whatever he thought would be beneficial to him.

Ahab then realized that he had a problem.

He called upon the elders of Israel for counsel. They told him to stand against the king of Syria, to fight for himself and his people.

He took their advice.

Sometimes we decide to let seemingly little things slide by thinking it will be harmless or it will suffice the devil. That thinking is flawed. The “little things” are cracks that will eventually crumble a foundation if left alone. And the devil shows no mercy.

Every decision that we make concerning submission to Jesus or submission to the schemes of the devil affect us. Consider none of it lightly.

Never give the devil an opening to gain ground in your life. Always fight for what is right in Jesus.

Choose Life

Psalm 135:15-18

Exodus 32:1-6

In Moses’ absence Aaron fashioned a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. He told them that this would be the god that they would serve.

The thought is mind boggling. People were actually praying to this statue. It couldn’t see. It couldn’t hear. It wasn’t living! How ridiculous it seems.





None of this is living either. Still yet some people choose to serve it. They become obsessed with it. Dedicating their lives to it.

To some people this type of material has become their idol.

But be glad because you have chosen a God that is alive. The God that lives and reigns forever more. He hears our prayers. He looks upon us as though we are the apple of his eye. He speaks to us. He is alive and well. He has always been and always will be. He is the great I Am.

Serving lifeless idols will get you nowhere. Serving the One True God will afford you life most abundant with an eternity spent with Him.

What You May Be Missing

Psalm 119:169-176

Benefits of the Word

Wisdom gained
Deliverance provided
Standards to live by are given
Justice is set
Direction is available
Joy comes from applying the truths within
Presence of God is felt

And to think that some days we see no need for it.

Get in the Word. Allow The Lord to work through it in your daily life.

Listen and Observe

Matthew 15:14

Matthew 13:10-17

In the book of Isaiah, God, through His prophet, teaches about people walking around blind and deaf, unwilling to know the mysteries of The Lord.

Fast forward to the book of Matthew and Jesus is found on the seashore teaching the same truth. He expounds upon the truth teaching us that the Spirit of The Lord descending upon us is what causes a few of our senses to change.

With the Spirit we no longer see with our eyes the way we had before. Things of the world are now viewed in the light. Our observations now spur us to draw closer to Jesus…to see Him glorified…to look for His will in each situation. With the Spirit we no longer listen to the wickedness of the world. Instead we hear God speak to our hearts…prodding us to do His will…reassuring us that we’re on the winning side.

From the Old Testament to the New the same message has been preached: If we aren’t willing to see or hear from The Lord we won’t. But if we choose to see Him, to answer the call He has put on our life then our entire perspective of this world will forever be changed.

God’s glory, from viewing His creation to listening to His chosen people worship Him, is all around us. I encourage you to open your eyes and ears to God’s presence in your life.

Back to the Basics

James 2:10

Isaiah 64:6

Sin is sin.

Society puts varying degrees on sinful acts. Through fleshly eyes we judge that murder is more sinful than disobedience to one’s parents. It’s easy to fall in that way of thinking. But breaking either commandment is sin. The varying part comes when the consequences are reaped.

Jesus’ blood is the only way to heaven.

Being a supremely moral person or a constant do-good worker is a great thing. But Jesus’ blood alone is what covers all sin. Without His blood the good works and the morally sound way of living is in vain.

Do not be deceived. Live your life based on the Truth.

Your Purpose

John 12:26-28

Sometimes it can be so difficult to deny our flesh to do The Lord’s will. But that isn’t an excuse not to do it.

Jesus’ soul was troubled when he thought of the pain and suffering he would endure as he was beaten, and crucified. In His flesh he wanted no part of it. But in his spirit he knew that it was what his Father wanted from him.

Jesus knew that there was purpose in being the perfect sacrifice. And that purpose was why He came to earth.

There is purpose in the work that The Lord gives us. It isn’t just a time filler. It’s not just for our own benefit. His will being accomplished in our lives brings glory to God and draws others to Him.

So before you brush off the dealing of the Holy Spirit remember that glorifying God is why you are here. It’s your purpose too.

Allow the Father’s will to be the final say in your life.

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