Psalm 118:1

I Chronicles 15:25-29

Michal watched out the window. She could see the instruments being played. She watched as people all around celebrated. And then she spotted her husband, King David in the midst of them, dancing in the streets. He was amongst the crowd, shouting for joy.

They had just brought the ark of the covenant home.

But Michal didn’t join in the praising of God. Instead she pouted, despising David in her heart. She chose to stay in the room, wallowing in her self pity instead of joining the celebration going on around her.

How easy it is for us to hide behind our walls of isolation, anger, guilt or unhappiness. But God has more for us than that. Open your eyes to His glory all around, worship Jesus in the midst of it and you will find yourself basking in His goodness.

When you see an opportunity to praise Him, don’t delay, approach it with fervency.