Proverbs 22:4

Isaiah 20:2-5

Naked and barefoot. Isaiah walked around like this for three years. God had him to do this as a sign to the people about the Ethiopians and Egyptians captivity under the Assyrian government.

Exposing yourself, emotionally and spiritually speaking can be difficult to do. But when we determine to live our lives to the glory of God and want His will accomplished in us, shedding away the layers to help another person should outweigh our fear.

Sometimes The Lord will strip us down so that others can see our heart, our hurts, our pain and our past. Also He may do it to show His faithfulness in our lives, the joy that we have in Him, the strength that He provides.

Surely it was difficult for Isaiah to walk as he did. But The Lord commanded it and The Lord received glory.

Be willing to do whatever The Lord asks of you no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel. You’ll be blessed for it.