Matthew 15:14

Matthew 13:10-17

In the book of Isaiah, God, through His prophet, teaches about people walking around blind and deaf, unwilling to know the mysteries of The Lord.

Fast forward to the book of Matthew and Jesus is found on the seashore teaching the same truth. He expounds upon the truth teaching us that the Spirit of The Lord descending upon us is what causes a few of our senses to change.

With the Spirit we no longer see with our eyes the way we had before. Things of the world are now viewed in the light. Our observations now spur us to draw closer to Jesus…to see Him glorified…to look for His will in each situation. With the Spirit we no longer listen to the wickedness of the world. Instead we hear God speak to our hearts…prodding us to do His will…reassuring us that we’re on the winning side.

From the Old Testament to the New the same message has been preached: If we aren’t willing to see or hear from The Lord we won’t. But if we choose to see Him, to answer the call He has put on our life then our entire perspective of this world will forever be changed.

God’s glory, from viewing His creation to listening to His chosen people worship Him, is all around us. I encourage you to open your eyes and ears to God’s presence in your life.