Romans 12:15

II Samuel 12:15-23

David was filled with grief. He was sure of two things:

1) he had done wrong by obtaining Uriah’s wife as his own

2) his son, the result of his poor decisions, was made sick because of him.

He laid prostrate upon the floor, fasting, petitioning God to spare the baby’s life. For seven days his life was devoted to his newborn son.

The servants of David’s house had compassion upon him. They tried to get him to eat. In quiet reverence they served their king. They were there to comfort their beloved master.

And then the child died. David arose and ate.

The servants were confused. Out of concern they questioned David on his actions.

David explained to them that his prayers were no longer needed. That the baby was in heaven and that the only thing he could was to live a life where he would meet him again someday.

Throughout David’s terrible loss it seems as if at first glance that David had to grieve the life and death of his son alone. But when we look closer we can see that his servants were there to provide him comfort. They cared for his well being. They respectfully kept a solemn tone around him and they were concerned enough to talk with him, ask him how he was doing after the death of the child.

David knew that they cared.

Christians go through difficult periods in life. Sometimes you may be the one that is in need of comfort. Other times you are the one to provide it. When The Lord places you in someone’s path that needs comfort be sure to give it. If you don’t know what to say then show the way you feel. Mimic their feelings….don’t try to make lighthearted of a terrible situations. Instead grieve with them. Pray for them. Just being in their presence, available to listen will give them comfort. It’ll show them that they aren’t alone.

Part of our duty as Christians is to be there for one another. In the bad times as well as the good. Find strength and guidance from the word and your Lord.