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January 2014


Ecclesiastes 2:24

Enjoy what The Lord has blessed you with.

Finding the Escape Route

The devil uses temptation everyday in all areas of our lives. Some small, some subtle, yet all temptation is an exit ramp to sin. Since the creation of the world Satan has used food as one of his devises to destruct.

In the garden of Eden the serpent used fruit to tempt Adam and Eve and thus sin entered into the world. He even tempted Jesus in the wilderness after Jesus had fasted for forty days by saying turn this stone into bread if you are the Son of God.

It can be very hard to avoid temptation whether it is eating something that isn’t good for us, or any other type of sin. But just as Jesus replied to the devil with scripture so can we. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 it says:

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

So the next time you are tempted; just remember the Lord has already made a way out of it. Just look!!!!!

Written by Cassi McCoy

Thank you to Cassi for allowing me to post this. May He bless you richly for your obedience and sensitivity to the Spirit.

Money Makeover

Malachi 3:10

Haggai 1:2-14

Their houses weren’t the best. Their clothes weren’t the greatest. They barely had enough food to eat.

They couldn’t figure it out. The money they were making seemed to be held in a bag with holes. It seemed as if they were always spinning their wheels, never getting ahead.

Then The Lord revealed to them the cause of their problems: unwise financial choices. He pointed out the house of God as it laid in ruins, untouched, uncared for. No one was willing to give to the rebuilding of the temple because they were too concerned with making sure they were taken care of.

Their money wasn’t being invested in the things of God.

Do you feel like you can’t get out of the hole? Or that you have to live just scraping by? If so take a look at where your money is going. If God isn’t on the list put Him there, at the top. Or if you believe that you are investing in the work of The Lord but aren’t seeing a good turnaround check and make sure what you are supporting. Dig a little deeper into the ministry to make sure that it is lifting up Jesus and not just a front to scheme money.

Being blessed financially begins with giving The Lord His portion first.


Proverbs 31:15

The lady rolled over for the fourth time, swatting at the alarm clock.

She thought, “What does it matter if I hit the snooze button one more time?”

It matters because procrastination doesn’t just affect the procrastinator.

In the book of Proverbs we read about a virtuous woman who woke up while it was still night to prepare meat for her household and maidens….she chose to have things ready when they were needed, without delay.

She and those that she was providing for were blessed because of her efforts.

So when The Lord gives you something to do don’t “hit the snooze”. Get up. Get to work. You aren’t the only one who is being affected.

Security Blanket

Psalm 33:16-21

The king traveled into battle. He was surrounded by his strongest men. He was riding upon the most elite chariot. He didn’t fear his enemy. He didn’t fear his future. He trusted that he would be fine. He thought that because he had the best protection available he had nothing to fear.

And then he was killed. The enemy surpassed all of the security and destroyed him.

The king had misplaced his hope and trust. He had put stock in the things he could come up with, not The Lord.

God is the deliverer of the soul. He is the one who saves His people. He watches each step.

Be careful of what you put your trust in. Jesus is the only true security available in this world.


Proverbs 29:18

Jeremiah 29:4-14

The Israelites could’ve died out in Babylon. They could’ve seen their captivity as the end of them. They could’ve given up all hope.

Instead they chose to listen to their God and grow.

They built houses, they grew gardens, they expanded their families. They made the best of the situation because The Lord told them that this wasn’t their end. He told them to multiply….to become strong because in seventy years they wouldn’t be captive any longer.

God gave them something to work toward.

Sometimes we feel misplaced. But God knows exactly where we are. He can use your situation for good. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. Ask for a vision to get you through the difficult period. Ask God to give you a goal to reach for.

Make the best of every season of life.

Still There

Exodus 13:20-22

Psalm 27:8

God guided His people out of Egypt with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night…two different methods but the same message.

Because of the circumstances it was necessary for God to show himself differently even though His presence was always there…

Maybe you’re going through something and you’re wondering where God went. He hasn’t gone anywhere. He is still there guiding you, He might have just changed the way He is showing it.

Pout or Praise?

Psalm 118:1

I Chronicles 15:25-29

Michal watched out the window. She could see the instruments being played. She watched as people all around celebrated. And then she spotted her husband, King David in the midst of them, dancing in the streets. He was amongst the crowd, shouting for joy.

They had just brought the ark of the covenant home.

But Michal didn’t join in the praising of God. Instead she pouted, despising David in her heart. She chose to stay in the room, wallowing in her self pity instead of joining the celebration going on around her.

How easy it is for us to hide behind our walls of isolation, anger, guilt or unhappiness. But God has more for us than that. Open your eyes to His glory all around, worship Jesus in the midst of it and you will find yourself basking in His goodness.

When you see an opportunity to praise Him, don’t delay, approach it with fervency.


Proverbs 22:4

Isaiah 20:2-5

Naked and barefoot. Isaiah walked around like this for three years. God had him to do this as a sign to the people about the Ethiopians and Egyptians captivity under the Assyrian government.

Exposing yourself, emotionally and spiritually speaking can be difficult to do. But when we determine to live our lives to the glory of God and want His will accomplished in us, shedding away the layers to help another person should outweigh our fear.

Sometimes The Lord will strip us down so that others can see our heart, our hurts, our pain and our past. Also He may do it to show His faithfulness in our lives, the joy that we have in Him, the strength that He provides.

Surely it was difficult for Isaiah to walk as he did. But The Lord commanded it and The Lord received glory.

Be willing to do whatever The Lord asks of you no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel. You’ll be blessed for it.

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