Psalm 51:10

Imagine getting news that a loved one of yours is going to have to have open heart surgery.

Most likely you’d become consumed with your loved one’s pending operation…taking it to The Lord in prayer on a regular basis…petitioning Him to allow the surgery to go well…that everything would be okay….that life would go on as normal…for your loved one to live as if they never had a heart issue at all.

But what about your loved ones that haven’t accepted The Lord as their personal savior? They’re in need of spiritual surgery…something far more serious. But do you pray for them as fervently as you would the heart patient? Are you as passionate about seeing them made whole? Or do you dismiss it, praying only occasionally?

Take the condition of your lost loved ones to The Lord with the same, or if possible, even greater intensity as you would pray for the heart patient.

Because surgery on a person’s physical heart can give renewed hope in life. But a heart replacement, spiritually speaking, provides hope eternal.