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December 2013

Seeking Treasure

Matthew 6:21

John 4:6-30

Do you feel unworthy to be spreading the Gospel? Like what you have to say won’t stick because of who you once were?

Do you feel like you aren’t good enough to tell others about Jesus?

The woman at the well was a Samaritan who had adulterous relationships but spoke about Jesus to whoever she came in contact with.

She didn’t allow her social status and reputation stop her from giving her testimony. She went on doing what she knew was necessary. She shared Jesus.

And Jesus loved her. He accepted her. And He used her testimony to draw other to Him.

So don’t allow society’s standards be your deciding factor in living the Gospel, in sharing your testimony.

Instead be guided by your treasure, Jesus. He should be the only one at the center of your heart dictating your decisions.

Let The Son Shine In

I Chronicles 16:11

Mark 13:24-26

Have you ever been through something so terrible that you felt like The Lord couldn’t care any less…like He wasn’t there for you…

But once you started seeking Him He was there to be found…ready to show you His power and glory.

So you came to realize that it wasn’t that He left you at all. It was just that you weren’t looking for Him.

Jesus speaks about a people going through a tribulation. After they face this tribulation the sun is darkened, the moon doesn’t show it’s light. The stars fall from the sky…

But then as the people look to heaven they can see Jesus coming in the clouds with power and glory.

This prophecy doesn’t only teach about the second coming of Christ. This truth can be applied to our everyday life.

We all face tribulation. We are often times upset or shaken. And then we allow the light of Christ to dim in our world. Because we turn our backs on Him. But later we remember what The Light was like. How It guided us. Led us. Made sense of things. So we look for It again. And just as we do we can see that Jesus is already on His way and He is ready to pick up where He left off; shining in His power and glory.

When times get tough don’t allow your pathway to be darkened. Walk willingly to The Light for comfort and strength.

Leaping For Joy

Luke 1:41

John leaped in his mother, Elisabeth’s womb when he sensed Jesus was near.

How do you react when you acknowledge God’s presence in your life?

Are you grateful that The Lord has chosen to involve Himself into your day to day walk? Or are you put off by the fact that He wants to mold you and make you into what He would have you to be, perhaps going against your desires?

The way you’re living, the priorities of your life will dictate how you feel about God’s presence.

Live so that, like John, you enjoy being with Jesus.

Still Celebrating

Just because Christmas has come and gone doesn’t mean the celebration needs to end.

Jesus’ birth into this world has provided us with an eternity to praise Him.

So continue to lift Jesus up as you mark off the other 360 some days off your calendar. Because without His birth there wouldn’t be reason to live.

He Will Return

The King has come for his people…in the form of a babe in a lowly manger on that first Christmas years ago.

And He is coming again as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Anticipate His glorious, triumphant return.

Like Mary

I used to envision Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem as stressful. I put myself in her shoes and knew that if I were carrying a baby and riding an animal for miles upon miles I would be highly irritable and very agitated.

But Mary wasn’t an ordinary woman. She had been designed and handpicked by God. Because she was chosen to birth our messiah we can conclude that she wouldn’t be one to nag at her husband or complain along the way.

Most likely she had a cheerful countenance because she was carrying the Only Begotten Son of God. She had faith that God’s plan would go forth as exactly the angel had said. She would have been obedient and happy to do her part.

You might say “well she was created for that reason…it was her job to bring Jesus to the world.”

Does that sound familiar?

We have been created by God. Our job is to take Jesus to the world.

So instead of bringing Mary down to a level in which we can relate in our flesh, rise to the occasion and allow God’s presence to dictate your reaction and end result. Like Mary, allow faith to conquer all doubts.

Final Destination

Hebrews 12:1

Matthew 2:1-11

After years of studying the sky the wise men noticed that the star in the East had appeared. They must have been overwhelmed with joy. I’m sure they were ready to hit the road running…allowing themselves no detours along the way. And then imagine the joy and excitement that the wise men felt as they finally reached their destination. After roughly two years they came face to face with Jesus. Months of traveling had come to an end. Weeks upon weeks of anticipation became reality. These three men had traveled the road led by the star in the East and now they were being rewarded with the biggest blessing of all…worshipping at Jesus’ feet.

How long have you been walking the straight and narrow pathway that is leading to an eternity spent at the feet of Jesus? Did you start out your journey excited and eager only to find that now you are becoming a little road weary? I encourage you to remember why you chose the road you are on….remember the joy you experienced when you first met Jesus as your savior. Because whether you’ve been traveling for hours or even decades the end goal is the same. Keep following The Light. Worshipping at Jesus’ feet will be worth the journey.


Fear Not

Jeremiah 29:11

Luke 2:8-11

As the shepherds stood before the angel they must’ve experienced emotions other than happiness. Maybe they faced fear, reluctance, doubt, even annoyance.

But the message that was given to them”fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” spoke straight to their souls, abolishing all fleshly concerns. The message is still capable of speaking to us today.

Maybe you haven’t experienced the “great joy” The Lord has to offer you through salvation. Or maybe you have but continue to shut Him out of certain areas in your life, fearing His reaction. But just as the angel had spoken all those years ago…Fear not. I bring you glad tidings of great joy: There isn’t any need to fear allowing The Lord into your life or into your secret places. Jesus has come to save you, encourage you, comfort you and be faithful to you. He only wants what is good for you. Accept His presence, guidance and love to experience the great joy that He has to offer.

Cords of Love

Ephesians 5:2

Hosea 11:1-4

God loved His people so much that he called them out of captivity. Sadly they chose not to walk in their freedom. Instead they chose to turn to false gods. But God didn’t give up on them. He continued to pursue them, to comfort them, to bless them…even when they weren’t recognizing Him for who He was in their life. Lovingly He gave them direction, bearing their burdens and providing their needs…all without them acknowledging His presence.

As a child of God you have been freed from captivity of sin. He knows exactly where you stand…the path you are on…He is preserving you, blessing you, providing for you. Take this opportunity to walk in the freedom of The Lord…to acknowledge His presence in your life, to be wrapped in the cords of love that He has been patiently drawing you with.

God has been waiting for the moment when He can enjoy the sweet smelling savor of your praise. Offer it up now. There isn’t anytime like the present.

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