Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


November 2013


Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Teach the ways of The Lord.

Talk about about Jesus.

If you’re relaxing.

If you’re moving about.

If you’re going to bed.

If you’re waking up.

Talk about Jesus.

Teach the ways of The Lord.

If we don’t teach our children the Gospel that we’ve based our lives upon they’ll learn the wickedness of the world instead.

Walking With Jesus

I Corinthians 9:14

Psalm 119:45-48

Do you walk free of guilt? Be liberated. You’ve been forgiven.

Do you walk unashamed of who you are? Tell your story. Your savior has brought you from death to life.

Do you joyously walk the road you’re on? Praise Him. He has only the best for you.


Proverbs 27:17

II Chronicles 24:1-18

King Joash was young, parentless and in a very important role. He was to rule the kingdom of Judah.

Jehoiada, the priest and uncle of King Joash stepped in to become mentor, counsellor and coworker to the young man.

As a result of this relationship Joash was nurtured and reigned successful with his uncle by his side.

Jehoiada’s guidance, example and wisdom influenced Joash heavily. He was held accountable by his uncle. Sadly, when Jehoiada died Joash quit following God. He turned to idols instead.

Are you in the position to strengthen someone in the ways of our Lord? If so, don’t take the opportunity lightly. The results could be huge.

Anger Issues?

James 1:19

I Samuel 19:9-10

Saul, with the intent to kill, hurled a javelin at David. On two separate occasions.

David didn’t retaliate. Instead he removed himself from the situation.

How often do we feel compelled to fight for our opinion? To destroy relationships just so that we get our way?

David shows us that being “slow to wrath” is beneficial to us. I’m sure it was embarrassing, maddening even, but he kept control. Saul eventually had his kingdom taken from him and given to David.

Follow the Word of our Lord. You dictate your actions.

Receiving vs. Giving

Acts 20:35

Acts 3:2

People surrounded the entrance of the temple. Some had been lame since birth, others blinded, limbs withered. All handicapped. They were there begging for money. They had to depend on someone else to provide their most basic needs.

Some of the people that passed by generously gave to the beggars. These were people that could walk, work, support themselves, earn a living. They gave.

What a blessing to be on the giving side of things.

Keep On Keeping On

Matthew 24:13

Keep on keeping on.


Psalm 37:3-5

Trust in The Lord. Do good by Him. Delight yourself in Him. Commit your ways to Him.

Then He will grow you and give you the desires of your heart.

Unlikely Habitat

Ephesians 4:12

Isaiah 41:19-20

The box tree, fir tree and pine. Three types of trees that you would never expect to see growing in a desert. None of them could survive the habitat. It would be considered miraculous if they did. Only their Creator could give them life.

And He did. God planted them there and they grew. As a result people noticed the phenomenon. Praise was given to God as they understood that He was responsible for this.

If you find yourself outside your comfort zone trust God to flourish you. Live so that God will receive the glory.

Make Your Move

James 4:14

Ezekiel 12:2-3

Let’s say that you’re in a wicked place. People are doing terrible things. And you’re in the midst of them. You want nothing more but for them to change their ways.

What could prompt them to consider change?

You. Walking in the other direction. Taking a stand against the evil. Separating yourself from it.

Boldly make your move.

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