Psalm 119:95

I Samuel 17:32-50

The kid, David, stood dressed in the king’s armor. He had been dressed to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath.

Then David remembered what he had spoken only moments before. He had been telling King Saul and the other men how he had been delivered out of the paws of a lion and the paws of a bear. He had eluded to the fact that he hadn’t been wrapped in brass armor and that he hadn’t carried a sword at the time. He told them that The Lord was the one who had delivered him.

In that moment of reflection David realized that the only way he was going to be able to defeat the enemy was to go as God had already proved himself. David decided that he wasn’t going to wear the armor. He was going as he had fought the lion and the bear. He was going to fight the giant wrapped only in God’s protection.

David’s decision proved God to be faithful again.

David had used the circumstances of his life as encouragement to himself and the Israelite men. His testimony of what The Lord had done for him prompted him to stand up to the wickedness waiting to destroy him.

If you’re a child of Jesus then you can relate to David. You’ve faced battles with the wickedness of this world. And because you’re saved it is clear that Christ has already proved himself to be true to you. You’ve already won the biggest battle you’ll face. Draw strength from the fact that Jesus was there for you when you stepped out on faith to believe on Him. Spiritual warfare had been all around. But with Jesus you prevailed.

Boldly stand before the wickedness of the world because Christ has never failed you before and He won’t start now.