I Samuel 15:22

Matthew 2:19-23

A Picture Perfect Family: Joseph, Mary and Jesus


Because each of them were obedient to God’s will.

A picture perfect family is a family that understands the importance of God’s calling on their life and acts on it.

We read about God waking Joseph in the middle of the night to take his family and leave the land.

Then we read how he did the very thing God had commanded him to do. Mary followed God’s will in going with Joseph. And together they led their child, Jesus, down the road laid out before Him.

We don’t read about what they wore, their way of transportation, or the house they were going to be living in.

The perfectness came solely from their obedience to God.

You too are fully capable of being the picture perfect family that God has created you to be…recognize that “keeping up with the Jonses” isn’t what makes the perfect family picture. Being obedient to God is.