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Using the Word to Encourage Others


November 2013

Already There

Psalm 139:7

John 4:1-26

The woman was going about her daily chores. She had reached the well to draw water. And on this ordinary day, doing a routine thing, she encountered Jesus.

He offered her living water. She accepted and told people about the connection she had just experienced with the Messiah.

Have you ever been going about your daily business when you encountered God? One in which He spoke to you? Called you out? Offered guidance? Gave you peace and comfort?

Jesus wants to deal with us on a daily basis. He wants to be a part of the seemingly mundane day to day activities. But how often do we actually look for His presence? Seek His guidance? Look for His approval?

Jesus loves meeting us where we are. Be willing to accept his invitation.

I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for a God that designed this blessed life that I’m living. A life in which I am able to discuss matters of the Truth with a husband that loves, provides and leads his family. I’m thankful that together we teach our three healthy, precious children about Jesus. I pray that we will walk together for an eternity with Jesus.

I’m thankful for a savior that denied himself an eternity spent in heaven so that he could come to earth to offer himself as the perfect sacrifice for my sin. I pray that I am found faithful and blameless before Him.

I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit that lives within me. Correcting me. Guiding me. Encouraging me. Speaking peace to my soul. I pray that I am more sensitive to his leadings.

I’m thankful for The Lord calling me to be about His will. For Him giving me work to do. I pray that he is able to use the work for His glory.

But mostly I am thankful that I am His and He is mine.


Proverbs 29:18

Matthew 6:22-23

We are going to leave a legacy behind when we die. What kind of legacy would you like yours to be?

One of a great faith, a life lived in dedication to Jesus? Or would you rather be remembered as successful in your career, having plenty of money and fame?

If we are looking to The Lord, looking to glorify Him, looking for His return then our lives are a beacon of light.

However, if we are only looking to get ahead in this world, to see ourselves lifted up we are full of darkness.

Our vision is the indicator of our walk with Christ.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Situation Evaluation

I Peter 5:8

I Samuel 17:45-46

How much easier is it to be in a battle when you know what you’re up against?

David named Goliath’s weapons. He said “thou comest to me with a sword and with a spear”.

But even more important than knowing what you’re up against is knowing who is on your side.

David’s next statement: “but I come to thee in the name of The Lord.”

Yes, it benefits Christ’s followers to be able to recognize the schemes of the devil. To see temptation for what it is. But even more beneficial is to realize that we don’t have to fear the enemy’s attacks because we have the Eternal Champion, Jesus Christ, on our side.

So be aware of what is going on around you but also be confident that you don’t need to fall prey to it.

Your Testimony

Psalm 119:95

I Samuel 17:32-50

The kid, David, stood dressed in the king’s armor. He had been dressed to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath.

Then David remembered what he had spoken only moments before. He had been telling King Saul and the other men how he had been delivered out of the paws of a lion and the paws of a bear. He had eluded to the fact that he hadn’t been wrapped in brass armor and that he hadn’t carried a sword at the time. He told them that The Lord was the one who had delivered him.

In that moment of reflection David realized that the only way he was going to be able to defeat the enemy was to go as God had already proved himself. David decided that he wasn’t going to wear the armor. He was going as he had fought the lion and the bear. He was going to fight the giant wrapped only in God’s protection.

David’s decision proved God to be faithful again.

David had used the circumstances of his life as encouragement to himself and the Israelite men. His testimony of what The Lord had done for him prompted him to stand up to the wickedness waiting to destroy him.

If you’re a child of Jesus then you can relate to David. You’ve faced battles with the wickedness of this world. And because you’re saved it is clear that Christ has already proved himself to be true to you. You’ve already won the biggest battle you’ll face. Draw strength from the fact that Jesus was there for you when you stepped out on faith to believe on Him. Spiritual warfare had been all around. But with Jesus you prevailed.

Boldly stand before the wickedness of the world because Christ has never failed you before and He won’t start now.

Picture Perfect Family

I Samuel 15:22

Matthew 2:19-23

A Picture Perfect Family: Joseph, Mary and Jesus


Because each of them were obedient to God’s will.

A picture perfect family is a family that understands the importance of God’s calling on their life and acts on it.

We read about God waking Joseph in the middle of the night to take his family and leave the land.

Then we read how he did the very thing God had commanded him to do. Mary followed God’s will in going with Joseph. And together they led their child, Jesus, down the road laid out before Him.

We don’t read about what they wore, their way of transportation, or the house they were going to be living in.

The perfectness came solely from their obedience to God.

You too are fully capable of being the picture perfect family that God has created you to be…recognize that “keeping up with the Jonses” isn’t what makes the perfect family picture. Being obedient to God is.

Pure Intentions?

I Corinthians 3:13-15

Matthew 6:16-18

The woman seemed to be going about her day as usual. She had a smile on her face. She was going to live this day to the glory of God, just like she would any other. But unbeknownst to others part of her worship this day would include fasting.

Another woman steps out to begin her workday. She too serves The Lord. And today she has given herself over to fasting. But instead of her usual smile she is wearing a frown, in hopes that someone will ask her why the change in her countenance.

Fasting is an act that The Lord takes pleasure in His children doing, when they’re doing it for Him. Not for others to see.

How about the things you do for The Lord? Do you do them to glorify Him or do you do them to get a pat on the back?

The rewards in heaven far outweigh the rewards of man. Check the intent of your heart.


I Chronicles 16:11

James 5:15-16

A prayer of faith said fervently in Jesus’ will is a wonderful blessing to all involved.

Casting Your Cares On Jesus

I Peter 5:7

Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus was told to not holler out to Jesus. He was told that Jesus had more important things to deal with than him and his problems.

But that wasn’t Jesus’ reaction when he heard Bartimaeus’ pleas. Jesus heard his calls then called for Bartimaeus to come to him. He was then healed of his blindness.

Bartimaeus knew that only Jesus could take care of his problem. And even though a crowd of people was telling him to not bother Jesus he went to him anyway.

And Jesus was glad he did.

Take everything to Jesus. Regardless of how unimportant you may feel or how insignificant your prayer request may seem.

Jesus wants you to come to him.

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