Galatians 5:22-23

Isaiah 5:1-4

Wild grapes. Even after the owner of the vineyard worked diligently to bring in a good crop. He only reaped wild grapes. Even though he placed his vineyard on good foundation, fenced it, took away the stones from the ground, picked the best variety of grapes and built a winepress to harvest the them. He still yet only grew wild grapes.

God has given you the best foundation to build your life on: Jesus. He has carved out exactly where you are now so that you can grow in Him. He has surrounded you with protection and is willing and ready to defend you. He is eagerly awaiting you to grow. He expects it.

You have been set up to be successful. Are you?

Is the fruit you’re growing a reflection of appreciation to God for His love, blessing and care that He has lavished upon you?

Or are you just growing wild grapes?