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Using the Word to Encourage Others


October 2013

Think Truth

Philippians 4:8

Ruth 1:19-21 & 4:14-17

Have you ever judged too dramatically in a situation? Maybe you’ve allowed yourself to exaggerate the circumstances to allow yourself comfort, pity? You criticize and condemn and make yourself believe that nothing can bring you back from what you’ve experienced?

Naomi was the same way when she returned to her home country. People came to greet her and she rejected them. She told them not to call her Naomi. She announced that she had changed her name to Mara, meaning that The Lord had dealt bitterly with her. Yes, her husband and two sons died. No, I’m not even capable of comprehending how she felt. But she judged the situation wrong. She told the people that The Lord was against her…out to get her. She had allowed her grief to balloon into false accusations that she believed to be true, which eventually turned into anger toward God.

Fast forward. Neighborhood women are once again gathering around Naomi. But this time she is rejoicing, answering to her given name. Holding her infant grandson, Obed…part of the lineage of David.

God never chose for Naomi to change her name to Mara. It was all her doing. He knew that a greater blessing was in her future. He wasn’t being mean or vindictive as she had allowed herself to believe. He was paving the way for a monumental blessing in her life.

When devastating times come your way walk closer to Jesus instead of pushing Him away. Know that He has the best plans for you in mind, even as you’re going through a terrible trial. And then, through His strength, focus only on what you know to be true….don’t allow your mind to wander.


I Kings 19:4-8

John 3:30

Elijah sat underneath of a juniper tree begging The Lord to take his life. He was overcome with emotion. He was tired of running. He didn’t enjoy the solitarily that came with serving God. He wanted nothing more for himself than death.

Then God sent an angel. The angel told Elijah to arise and eat. On the nearby rock bread had been provided. Also near him was water to drink.

Elijah followed the angel’s command even though he knew it went directly against his prayer. He knew the food and water would nourish him. By eating and drinking it he was showing God that he would follow the divine plan for his life rather than to succumb to his own desires.

Elijah decided to allow God’s will abound in him.

How about you? Are you denying yourself, allowing only Jesus full reign in your life?

Be the Good

Hebrews 13:1

Ruth 2:4-17

Ruth worked from morning until evening. She was determined to be a sufficient provider for herself and her mother in law. Her choice work: gleaning barley in Boaz’s fields.

Boaz took notice of Ruth. He valued the kindness and generosity of Ruth. He knew that the work she was doing, the way she was giving of herself, wasn’t to entirely benefit herself but that she was trying to be a blessing to her mother in law.

Her actions inspired Boaz to treat her with the same kindness and generosity. Instructions were given to allow extra barley fall for Ruth to pick up and for her to eat and drink at his house.

In what way do you react when you see someone give of their self?

Do you turn the other way or do you encourage them?

Boaz noticed the good work Ruth was doing and encouraged her by helping her to obtain her goal more easily.

As Christians we can and should help each other. Take notice of the good works going on around you. Generously give of yourself by saying an encouraging word to them for their efforts or spend time with The Lord on their behalf.

Reward their good works instead of turning the other way.

Determined Workers

Hebrews 13:21

Nehemiah 4:1-6

God’s people were determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Their desire to see the wall rebuilt was great…a burden that had been given by The Lord.

It was a good thing that The Lord was leading them. That they were fixed on seeing His will accomplished. That getting the wall rebuilt was their entire focus.

Because they had scoffers. People ridiculed them for what they were doing. God’s people became a laughingstock for neighboring countries.

But they worked through the harsh words because they knew that their actions served a purpose: to glorify God.

As we work for The Lord we may face opposition. We might meet others that are determined to see us fail. But remember that The Lord has put the fire in you to see His will accomplished. Keep working to glorify God in all that you do.


Psalm 25:7

Matthew 6:14-15

As you face The Lord in judgment I’m sure that you want Him to be merciful…to remember the good and forget the bad.

If this is your desire, why not extend that same type of love, forgiveness and mercy here on earth?

The Word says that Jesus will forgive us if we forgive others.

Give grace like you want to receive it.

Fruit Inspector

Galatians 5:22-23

Jeremiah 28:1-9

Hananiah, a false prophet, stood before the people of Judah and told them a lie. He said it convincingly. Enough so that the people believed him.

Jeremiah, a true prophet of God, stood after Hananiah and reminded the people that Hananiah would be either proven as a true prophet or false prophet based on the result of his prophecy.

How can we tell if we should be taking advice from someone? Following after someone’s teachings? Looking to someone for guidance?

Check their fruits. Are the fruits of the Spirit evident in their life? In what they do?

Hananiah was proven to be a false prophet because the prophecy he gave wasn’t fulfilled.

God has given you the knowledge to discern between a true leader and false leader.

Wisely, prayerfully, decide who you attach yourself to.

Give It Away

I Timothy 6:19

II Timothy 1:1-5

Timothy’s mother and grandmother had raised Timothy to be a godly man. They taught him the scriptures from a young age. They wanted nothing more than for to Timothy to be a follower of Jesus, living in His will.

But when the missionary Paul, formerly known as Saul, a well known persecutor of Christians, wanted to join up with Timothy surely their flesh questioned if this was the will of God for their son. Would Timothy be in danger just because of Paul’s presence? Timothy would be traveling away from home, that wouldn’t be the safest environment…

Timothy’s calling might not have been what they had envisioned when they were raising him. Maybe they had thought that he would be a local leader in their town…serving God from the place he had been raised. But God had different plans.

They were able to put Timothy’s decision to serve abroad into perspective. They chose to focus on their end goal: raising a man that would live for Jesus. Blessing Timothy in his choice to serve God outweighed their desire to keep him in the safe environment that they’d created for him.

God may be asking you to sacrifice something to grow you and those around you. Answer his call. Give away your comfort, routine, best-made plans, whatever it is…be mindful of the eternal results versus the way you may be feeling today.

Looking For A Blessing

Jeremiah 17:7

Want to be blessed?

Trust in The Lord.

Hope in The Lord.

Sharpening Tool

Proverbs 27:17

Acts 3:1-6

Peter and John seemed to be inseparable. They were often found praying together…going to church together…the lame man looked upon both of them before he was healed. They were two of a kind and it was good for their individual walk with Christ.

Do you have someone in your life to challenge you to draw closer to The Lord? To be an encouragement? To hold you accountable?

If so, praise The Lord! If not, pray that The Lord would send you someone.

Having a Godly friend will keep you sharp and on your toes.

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