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Using the Word to Encourage Others


September 2013

Eternally Optimistic

Matthew 7:7

Jeremiah 31:15-17

As the mother wept for her wayward child God spoke peace to her soul…telling her not to give up hope, because it wasn’t over yet.

God is still working on you. He is still hearing your prayers. He will give you your heart’s purest desire.

Don’t give up hope.

You Can’t Outdo God

I Kings 3:13

II Kings 4:1-7

“All I have is one pot of oil. I have been left with a huge debt and creditors are at my door threatening to take my two sons. My husband just died and I am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do.”

Elisha looked at the widowed mother.

“Go borrow as many vessels as you can. Empty them out. Get your two sons, go in the house and shut the door. Then take your one pot of oil and start pouring it into the empty vessels.”

“Bring me another one!” the widowed woman said to her son.

“Momma, we don’t have anymore empty vessels left. They’re all full.”

The widowed woman went to Elisha and told him of the miracle that had just taken place at her house.

“Go, sell the oil, pay off your debt and live with your children in rest.”

The profit made on the oil was more than enough to provide for the woman and her sons comfortably.

Yet had there been more pots there still would’ve been more oil.

Because you can’t outdo Jesus. The blessings He pours out on us will always exceed our expectations.

The Builder

I Chronicles 28:20

I Chronicles 28:9-20

King David had the plans for the building of the temple all laid out. Every detail had been taken care of from the place of the mercy seat to the weight of the golden candlesticks.

His instruction to Solomon, the man God had instructed to build the temple: “be strong and do it.”

This is a perfect example of our walk with Jesus.

He has already devised the perfect plan for our lives. He even has all the details worked out for us.

We just need to step in line with Jesus and “do it.”

Find Rest

Jeremiah 6:16

II Thessalonians 2:1-5

Are you searching for the newest, next best thing in Christianity?

Do you spend your bible study time trying to unlock a never before known mystery in the Word?

I’m sure you’re restless with this approach.

The Thessalonians had followed after the belief that Christ had already come back and that they had been left behind. They had hopped on this bandwagon, allowing themselves to forget what Paul had already preached to them concerning this matter.

They had known the truth but chose to follow after something new.

Paul reminded them of this.

Then peace prevailed amongst them again.

The bible teaches that we are supposed to acknowledge what The Lord has done for us now and in the past. We’re supposed to seek out the old ways and then walk in them.

This is how we will find rest for our souls.

Don’t make light of what The Lord has already revealed to His children through the years. Instead study it, learn from it and apply it to your life.


I John 4:1

Acts 13:6-12

His name was Bar-jesus. He could perform supernatural things. But his teachings didn’t line up with Jesus’. So Barnabas and Paul declared that he was a false prophet.

Be careful of whose teachings you follow. Don’t be enticed by fancy titles or works…make sure the teachings line up with the Word.

Bite Your Tongue

I Peter 2:23

I Peter 3:8-17

What’s your reaction when you feel like you’re being wrongly accused? Or that you’re suffering blamelessly?

Is it defensiveness?

Do you act on it? Do you throw back hateful words? Do you seek revenge on the person? Do you seek to validate yourself and/or your actions?

Christ gave us the example to follow. He was reviled, but reviled not. He suffered, but did it silently.

He trusted God with the outcome.

Sometimes people may try to get under your skin…they might falsely accuse you. But instead of retaliation, Jesus teaches us to seek peace, to endure the suffering for righteousness’ sake happily even and without fear.

It’s hard…but expected.

Entrust your outcome to Jesus. He has the final word.

Your Piece of the Pie

II Corinthians 9:13

Ezra 1:1-6

King Cyrus of Persia declared that he was to build a temple for The Lord in Jerusalem.

He asked for the people to help him with the labor. To come together to work on this cause.

But he understood that not everyone would be able to come help build. To those people he asked that they would participate by sending money and supplies.

The temple was built because of the obedience of the people.

Not all of us are called to go spread the gospel in foreign lands. Not all of us have jobs within the church.

Most of us have secular jobs in America.

But just because we aren’t actually on the “mission field” or in “the ministry” we aren’t off the hook.

We should support these people through offerings of money.

Do your part in the building of God’s kingdom…whatever that may be.

God Will Provide

Psalm 27:14

Genesis 22:1-14

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord will Provide.

Abraham found this to be true when he went to offer his son as a sacrifice. God provided a ram to be given instead.

God will come through for you. Just wait and see.


II Peter 3:8

Just about everyone wants more of it. Stresses about how they are using it. Makes decisions based upon it.


To our Lord it isn’t such a big deal. He is the first and last. He is eternal. A thousand years is as one day and vice versa.

So instead of living life consumed with time. Consume yourself with living in God’s will.

Trust Jesus that He has supplied your needs efficiently.
Make accomplishing His will a priority and everything else will fall into place.
Make sure the decisions you make are based on the Word, not the clock.

Time is in the hands of our Creator.

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