Isaiah 38:15

Isaiah 38:1-5

Hezekiah cried out to God about the defeat he felt had overtaken his life.

God responded by speaking to him. As a result Hezekiah became reenergized. His faith was strengthened. To hear from God was a changing point in his life. He praised him. He lived for him.

The moment before you accepted Jesus as your Savior He spoke to you. His presence in your life was a changing point for you too. No longer did you have to live stained with sin. After accepting the call to repentance you were changed to live a life that brings Him glory.

As you continue on your journey with Jesus He speaks to you often. Through His word. Through the Spirit. Through His creation.

God speaking to you is what prompted your faith in Him. And it is also what continues to strengthen your faith today.

Listen to what He has to say.