I Corinthians 9:14

Saul was exalted as a man that knew the scriptures, a man with an excellent heritage, and the leader of the persecution of Christians. He was known by people of high places as well as the common man. His reputation went before him.

On the road to Damascus Saul met Jesus. He gave his life over to Him. Everything about Saul had changed. He received a new heart, a different cause to live for and a new name. Saul became Paul.

How were people that had heard of Saul and his terrible reputation supposed to believe that he had really been changed by Jesus?

After all anyone can say that they’ve started a new life with Christ.

Paul won their affection and trust through the life he led. It took some time for the Christians to be convinced that Paul was now an ally instead of an enemy. But eventually they accepted him as a brethren, a follower of Christ because Paul’s actions lined up with the testimony he was giving.

Is the testimony you are giving credible? Can people see that you are actually living for Jesus instead of just saying you are?