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Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2013

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Ephesians 3:20

Ruth just wanted her and her mother in laws life to be sustained. She went to Boaz’s field with that intention.

She left that evening with more barley than she had planned on, a place to refresh herself when she became weary and food and water to give her strength.

She went into the fields expecting to just get by and left with blessings that exceeded her imagination.

Isn’t that just like our lives with Jesus?

We come to Him just wanting a Savior. But in addition to that he feeds us, supplies our every need and gives us rest. He becomes our Provider.

Humble yourselves before The Lord. He has great plans to bless you beyond what you can even fathom.


Psalm 118:6

Baruch and Jeremiah were given a task from God: write the prophecies against Israel in a scroll and then to read it before the people.

They did.

Then it was read before the king.

He threw it in the fire.

Jeremiah and Baruch rewrote another one, just the same as before.

How do you react in the face of opposition? Do you give up at the first sign of resistance?

Be resilient in The Lord.


Psalm 130:6

“Tomorrow I’ll start studying my bible.”

“Next week I’m going to start going to Sunday School.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to set aside time for me and Jesus.”

Are you trading in the joys of today in hope of having a tomorrow?

Live each day waiting on God…following His direction…drawing closer to Him.

Don’t fall in the trap of “I’ll do it tomorrow…” Tomorrow may never come.


Psalm 66:16

Nehemiah looked upon the ruins of Jerusalem.

He thought back on how The Lord had put a burden on his heart for his home country, Jerusalem. He thought about how the king he was working for had graciously provided time off, men and horses, and even timber for him to accomplish his plan. He was able to look back and see God’s hand in all of it.

Then Nehemiah told the men that was with him all about it. He told them about God giving him a burden…about God preparing the heart of the king…about God providing for his endeavor.

He told them what God had done for him.

After hearing Nehemiah’s testimony the men were inspired to work. They said “let us rise up and build”.

The Israelites rebuilt the city walls.

Your testimony can be a powerful form of encouragement. Give God the glory. Tell others what He has done for you. Trust Jesus to use it to draw others to Him.


Psalm 115:1

Zebah and Zalmunna, kings of Midian were slayed by Gideon himself.

The people’s reaction?

Praise. Honor. Respect.

“Rule thou over us, both thou, and thy son, and thy son’s son also: for thou hast delivered us from the hand of Midian.”

Gideon’s response?


“The Lord shall rule over you.”

Gideon could’ve fallen prey to the flattery of the people. He could’ve become convinced that this great victory was of hisself. But he knew better than to let it go to his head. He knew that God was the one to receive the glory.

Flattery can humble or destroy a person’s character.

Be careful how you respond to it.

Keep Calm

James 1:20

Don’t make hasty decisions in anger.

Keep calm and take it to Jesus instead.

He will work righteousness into the situation.

The Word

Matthew 7:8

What does the Word of God mean to you?

Is it the basis of all your decisions?

Is it the foundation that you’re standing on it?

Is it your hope, comfort and strength?

Or is it just another book to you? One that you read just because you feel obligated?

The Psalmist depended on the Word for answers, guidance and vision. To him it was a lamp unto his feet, a light unto his path.

The psalmist desired a relationship with The Lord. We can see that he spoke to Him often pouring out his heart, giving everything to God. And The Lord would speak to him through the Word.

Pray to have your relationship with Christ be strengthened. Ask The Lord to put that desire on your heart. Then be prepared and willing to grow in your dependence on the Word, because that is one of the most tangible ways The Lord speaks to His children.

All Part of the Plan

Romans 8:28

The heckler walked alongside King David and his men. He threw stones at him. He cursed him. He made false accusations against him.

But David didn’t focus on the heckler. He didn’t even respond to the man. He wouldn’t allow his men to retaliate either.

Instead King David kept his focus on God. He trusted that God was aware of what was going on and that He would turn this evil into good.

If you’re going through a period of hurt, frustration or bitterness don’t allow your flesh to get the best of you. Keep your focus on Jesus and being part of His plan. He’ll work all things to your good.


I Corinthians 9:14

Saul was exalted as a man that knew the scriptures, a man with an excellent heritage, and the leader of the persecution of Christians. He was known by people of high places as well as the common man. His reputation went before him.

On the road to Damascus Saul met Jesus. He gave his life over to Him. Everything about Saul had changed. He received a new heart, a different cause to live for and a new name. Saul became Paul.

How were people that had heard of Saul and his terrible reputation supposed to believe that he had really been changed by Jesus?

After all anyone can say that they’ve started a new life with Christ.

Paul won their affection and trust through the life he led. It took some time for the Christians to be convinced that Paul was now an ally instead of an enemy. But eventually they accepted him as a brethren, a follower of Christ because Paul’s actions lined up with the testimony he was giving.

Is the testimony you are giving credible? Can people see that you are actually living for Jesus instead of just saying you are?

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