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Using the Word to Encourage Others


July 2013


Isaiah 49:16

“Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…”

Relax. You’re in God’s hands.


Matthew 3:17

“…this is my beloved Son, in whom I well pleased.”

Could God say the same thing about you?


Proverbs 18:12

King Ahaziah turned to a false god for answers to his questions. As a result of this decision he was sentenced to death by a prophet of God.

Instead of admitting his wrong and seeking forgiveness from The Lord he became defiant. He sent a captain with fifty men to take the prophet captive. Those fifty-one men were consumed by fire.

Upon hearing this the king decides again to not repent of his evil ways. He instead sends yet another captain with another fifty men to capture the prophet. For a second time fire consumed the king’s men.

Seek God and His wisdom when you have questions in this life. And if the answer isn’t what you had hoped, accept it anyway. Rely on Jesus to help you make the best of it. But please, don’t become defiant and bring others down with you.


3 John 4

The king’s ambassadors sought Josiah out. They warned him to leave the battlefield. Their leader, Necho, sent word to Josiah that the battle wasn’t his and that it was dangerous for him to be in the midst of it. Josiah was told to leave for his own safety.

Instead of heeding to the advice Josiah quickly disguised himself, choosing to neglect God’s warning, and stayed in the heat of the battle.

Josiah’s deception cost him his life.

Deceit never yields good results. It always results in pain and sorrow, even occasionally death.

So walk in truth. It may not be the easiest road at the time, but to have a pure walk with Jesus it is worth the extra mile.


Joshua 1:9

“Here I am” saith The Lord….

…as He calls you to come to Him for forgiveness

…as He lights the paths of righteousness He has planned for you

…as He satisfies your every need

…as He blesses all of your descendants.

Jesus is always there for you.

Accept the forgiveness He offers…

Follow Him down the paths He has made for you…

Praise Him for all He has given you…

Thank Him for your future in Him…

Redeeming the Time

Psalm 27:14

Elijah was a prophet of God. He walked in the ways of The Lord. He kept the commandments. God was able to use him because of his willingness and obedience to the will of The Lord.

One day Elijah made an announcement: “there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.”

Immediately after Elijah had made this declaration he began waiting upon The Lord to give him the word to pray for rain.

In the meantime he lived near a brook where birds fed him…he took part in the resurrection of a small boy…he disproved the prophets of Baal by the power of God…he lead an entire nation back to God…

All of this happened as he waited on God.

Elijah had continued to work for The Lord as he waited on His direction. He probably never imagined that it would be three years before God would have him to pray for rain…but that’s how long it was and Elijah was a faithful servant through it all.

You too should be about The Lord’s business as you wait upon Him. Continue to do His will in your life. Don’t come to a halt as you wait for Him to answer prayers.

Work while you wait.

Press On

John 17:4

Paul, Silas and Timothy were traveling through different lands. They were the first missionaries. They had a godly desire to get the Word out to all the lands.

They traveled through the Syria, Cilicia, Phyrygia and Galatia spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then they headed toward Asia, but the Spirit of The Lord forbid them from going there. Next they tried to go to Bithynia, but again the Spirit suffered them not. So they kept going until they reached Macedonia. There they proclaimed Jesus. Entire families were saved. People were healed. The Word did not go out void.

Like Paul, Silas and Timothy, eager Christians often have some great ideas on how to spread the Word and who to focus on getting the gospel to. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how great the idea is that you’ve come up with, or who you have decided to reach, if The Lord hasn’t ordained it it won’t be a success.

Be sure to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Look to Him as your guide, not a just a traveling companion. Keep pressing on as a servant of His. He’ll give you something to do. Just be willing and persistent.

Promise Keeper

Romans 4:21

The word of The Lord spoke to Jeremiah. It told him that his cousin, Hanameel would come to him, offering a piece of land for him to buy.

Soon after, Hanameel comes to Jeremiah, offering the piece of land to buy.

Jeremiah knew that it was of The Lord because the transaction was exactly as the word of The Lord said it would be.

Our God is reliable. He is faithful. He is a promise keeper.

If He says that something is going to happen…it will.

Serve God confidently. Know that if He has promised it, it will come to pass.

Double Check

Matthew 7:15

Job was facing difficult times. He had lost his farm, his children and he was sick.

His wife’s advice? Kill yourself. End it all.

Job was taken aback that his wife would suggest this. She was supposed to be someone he could trust to give sound advice. Job immediately recognized that this wasn’t Godly counsel. He rebuked his wife and continued to praise God.

Sometimes people will fail us. They will give us bad advice.

God will never let us down.

Take the advice or opinions of others to the Word. Make sure what they’re saying lines up with the principles of God.

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