I Timothy 6:19

The ant is spoken of as being a wise creature. It hoards up its food during the summer so that it can survive during the winter.

We can learn from the ant:

Gathering Food in Summertime

Stockpile your blessings. Write them in a journal. Record them. Do whatever it is that will help you to remember what The Lord has done for you.

Because He has blessed you in so many ways. You know that His loving hand is upon you. You’ve without a doubt experienced His presence.

Winter Will Come

But there will be difficult times. Times that will make us wonder if God even cares about us.

When those times come think on how He has previously blessed you….how He has never let you down…

Get out your journal: read about it. Play back your recording: listen to it.

God still loves you. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

The ant kept going…staying focused on it’s future. Keep your heavenly home in mind. Eternal life with Jesus is worth preparing for.