Ephesians 4:12

Hiram, king of Tyre, had just learned that Solomon had been anointed king of Israel. Immediately he sent word to Solomon. He offered his congratulations, spoke highly of his father, David, and made known that he would be there for him in any way that he could.

Solomon asked if Hiram would provide the lumber for the house of God. Hiram graciously agreed that he would.

Perhaps you’re an older Christian. You could be likened to Hiram. Hiram sought out Solomon, a new king, to offer what he had to him. As an older Christian you should be seeking out younger Christians to help them on their walk with The Lord. Jesus has provided you with wisdom, experience and endurance. Share it with someone new.

Maybe you’re like Solomon. He had just begun his reign as King of Israel. You’ve just started your journey with Jesus. Solomon was willing to take Hiram up on his offer to help. If an older Christian offers their help, like Hiram did for Solomon, be willing to take it. Learn from the people that God has placed in your life.

So are you a seasoned Christian that can be of help to a new convert? Or are you recently born again, in need of guidance?

Open your eyes to the Christians around you and be ready and willing to grow in Jesus. You may be the Hiram in somebody’s life. Or you may be the Solomon. Regardless we are in this journey with Jesus together.