Romans 8:26

Sunrise. Sunset. These words describe the time of day based on the earth’s position to the sun. The sun doesn’t actually move. The Earth rotates. The moon rotates in synch with the Earth.

Joshua stood before the people of Israel and prayed. He prayed that the sun and moon would stand still while they fought a battle with the Amorites.

Of course the sun was already standing still. But the moon stopped…meaning the Earth did too. It stayed daylight until the battle was over and the victory was won.

Joshua didn’t know to pray “Lord, please stop the spinning of the Earth so that the sun will shine on us.” But God knew the desire of His heart when He prayed. He gave Joshua the results he was wanting even though the method wasn’t exactly as Joshua had asked.

Jesus hears our prayers. The Holy Spirit interprets them for us, revealing our requests to God the Father. Just bare your heart to Jesus. He’ll know exactly what you mean.