Luke 6:38

Elisha, a man of God, traveled through Shunem often. A woman, also of God, noticed this. She fed him on each of his journeys as he passed through. Because of these meals she was able to get to know Elisha. She perceived that he was a man of God, a fellow believer.

Elisha continued to travel through Shunem. The woman wanted to do more than just provide a meal for him. She spoke to her husband about making a place for him to stay when he passed by. So they did. They made him a room with a bed and a table. Now when Elisha would travel through Shunem he knew that in addition to being fed he would also have a place to stay.

The woman had been such a blessing to Elisha. Her generosity made his traveling easier, less stressful. In return of her kindness Elisha wanted to be a blessing to the Shunamite woman.

He blessed the barren woman with a child.

Look for ways to be a blessing to your brethren…doing so will start a chain reaction of blessings from the Father.