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Using the Word to Encourage Others


May 2013

Fear Not

Deuteronomy 31:6

David and his men had protected Nabal’s men as they worked side by side. David, being far from home, was in need of food and water. He asked Nabal to provide this for him and his people. Nabal refused to show David and his men any appreciation and denied his request for food and water.

To say David was angry is an understatement. He gathered his men with the intent of destroying Nabal.

Abigail, Nabal’s wife, received word of what was happening. She quickly came up with a plan. She had to deter David to save her husband, his riches, and herself.

She gathered the food and water and left. As she rode to meet David surely questions of doubt bombarded her….what would this man of power do to her? would he laugh her to scorn for even attempting to approach him with a peace treaty? would he even acknowledge her, being that she was a woman and he a man? would he have her killed for her boldness?

Despite the nagging in her head Abigail pressed forward. She knew this was her only chance to redeem the situation.

The Lord blessed her efforts. David accepted the food. He listened to what she had to say. He even thanked her for meeting with him.

Abigail had chosen not to allow her fear dictate her actions. She was courageous. Because of this she was able to save herself and all that mattered to her.

Sometimes we scare ourselves into not being obedient to The Lord’s will. Most likely our fears are legitimate because we have experienced rejection, embarrassment, awkwardness, pain, etc. But they aren’t reason to deny the will of Our Father in our lives. His plans are always beneficial to us and most importantly, to Him.

A New Name

Revelation 3:12

Rebellious children become Children of God.

The Ungodly become Sons of God.

Transgressors become The Righteous.

Fools become Vessels of Honor.

When Jesus steps in wonderful changes are made.

Praise The Lord for the new person you are in Him.

The Consultant

Psalm 32:8

Ananias and Sapphira, husband and wife, had decided that only a portion of their goods should be given to God. Then they decided to act as if they were giving Him all of it.

They excluded Jesus from their plan.

Jesus, who had only thoughts of peace and blessings toward them. The One who would have loved to have guided them down a straight and narrow path of righteousness.

They left Him out.

It lead to their death.

Jesus is more than willing to instruct us. We just have to be willing to go to Him for direction.


Revelation 22:17

The man studied the invitation as he walked toward his house…..dinner party at 6. He would love to go but that same evening he had a business venture already planned. He’d have to send his apologies.

She clicked open the email. An invitation to a dinner party! She would love to go but she knew her husband would have none of it. She’d have to decline.

The host of the dinner received their rejections. He had given up so much to provide for these people. Their reasons were nothing but excuses. If they really wanted to be there, they could have come.

You’ve been invited!! To Heaven. Jesus has prepared a place just for you. Please, don’t decline this invitation. Rearrange your priorities. You won’t want to miss it.

Judgment Day

Acts 2:21

Paul laid out the plan of salvation before King Agrippa.

Paul asked “Do you believe?”

King Agrippa replied, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

King Agrippa was given the opportunity to begin building his life on The Rock. To stand confident in The Lord, unwavering and founded. He could’ve come boldly before the throne of grace, without fear of rejection.

Instead he chose to continue without any certainty of eternal life. He trusted in his own fleeting ways. He refused a relationship with Jesus. He would have to approach judgment scared and alone.

Instead of crying to The Rock to protect him he would beg the rocks to fall on him.

The decisions we make now determine our reaction when we stand before The Lord.

The Rock or the rocks? Who will you be calling out to?

Well Equipped

Psalm 119:140

The Philistines felt nothing but hatred in their hearts toward Samson. They were ready to destroy him. Samson stood bound by cords, without a way to defend himself. As the Philistines shouted, taunted and verbally tormented Samson the Spirit of The Lord descended upon him. The cords were loosened. A weapon to defeat the Philistines was provided:

The jawbone of an ass.

Samson needed water. Single handily, he had just destroyed a thousand Philistine men. He was weakened and thirsty. Samson couldn’t find anything to drink from. Then The Lord provided water for him.

In the jawbone of an ass.

The jawbone was the only tool that Samson could have used to defeat the enemy. It was also the instrument that was a available to sustain his life. The jawbone had dual purposes.

The Word. It has dual purpose in our walk with Christ. The Lord has provided it to be used as a weapon to defeat our enemy. He has also given it to us to use as a source to draw life from.

Samson used what The Lord provided him with. You do the same. Use The Word to fight your battles and to lead you down paths of righteousness.

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