Romans 12:1

Just imagine what it must’ve been like when The Lord designed Samuel. He was designing a worker for himself.

Imagine how The Lord must’ve felt when he heard Samuel’s response to the call He had made to him: “speak; for thy servant heareth.”

Think of the joy The Lord must’ve felt as he watched Samuel live his entire life for him, dedicating his life to the work of The Lord.

Maybe you had once thought of Samuel, a prophet of God as being an example of a life that we could strive for but never obtain. You might have thought that living a life like his is something that is rare and exclusive to Samuel and his situation.

But it isn’t. Samuel wasn’t the exception. He was just a precursor to what our lives could be.

You were created by God, for God. He designed you with every intention of having you work exclusively for Him. By accepting the calling of doing His work you have chosen to dedicate your life to His will.

You have so much in common with Samuel.

He finished strong in The Lord. You can do the same.